Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors and CFFC: Things People Live In #ThursdayDoors #CFFC #houses

This week Dan and Cee have paired up to create a Thursday Doors and CFFC challenge about Things People Live In.

You can join in Cee’s CFFC challenge here:

You can join in Thursday Doors here:

Here are my photographs for the challenge:

Pictures of streets of houses in Whitby, UK (sorry the doors are small) and pictures of the small boats in Whitby Harbour.

Pashley Manor in Kent – the manor house has a lovely wide door.

Pictures of St John’s College, Cambridge, UK

Houseboats in Faversham Harbour

60 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors and CFFC: Things People Live In #ThursdayDoors #CFFC #houses

  1. Great collection of doors, Robbie. I’m glad you fit bot challenges in. Pashley Manor is stunning. I knew some people I knew when I lived in Seattle, Washington lived on a houseboat. I also enjoyed the doors in Chocolate Land.

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  2. What a wonderful selection of photos. Whitby looks lovely – I’ve never been but the air looks wonderfully clear. And the sweetie houses are delightful – such detail, I’m very impressed as I’ve tried putting a few together over the years and my efforts tend to look a tad drunken… Thank you for sharing, Roberta:)).

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  3. I like the diversity in these homes. I once knew a couple who lived on a small houseboat with a big dog. Then they had a baby. They split up a couple years later. I don’t even want to imagine that kind of crowding, but I guess it could be worse and some people do adapt.

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