Roberta Writes – An introduction to In the Tree’s Shadow my D.L. Finn #Newbook #readingcommunity #shortstories

Today, I am delighted to introduce talented author and poet, D.L. Finn, whose new book, In the Tree’s Shadow, is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Welcome, Denise!


Thank you, Robbie, for having me here to discuss my upcoming release, In the Tree’s Shadow.

Today I’m happy to share the new book trailer. I put it together on Canva, which I find easy to work with. They have access to the needed images and have a selection of music to choose from, but I went with my husband’s song, “Soar.”

There are twenty-seven stories, and I could only highlight a few in the video and blurb. During the coming weeks, there will be posts that will focus on twenty-one stories from the book.

Here’s the book trailer:


A collection of short stories where dreams and nightmares co-exist. 

Nestled inside these pages, you’ll meet a couple in their golden years who take a trip with an unexpected detour, a boy desperate to give his brother the Christmas gift he asked for, a girl with a small glass dragon who is at the mercy of her cruel uncles, or a young mother who has the same dream about murder. You’ll be introduced to worlds where people get second chances and monsters might be allowed their desires while angels and dragons try to help. Happy endings occur, but perspective can blur the line between good and evil in these twenty-seven tales. Since the stories vary between 99 to 12k words, whether you have only five minutes or an entire evening to settle into reading, there is something that will suit your time and taste.


Fun Finn Facts

  1. A small angel’s glow reflected on a door in our hallway.
  2. I always have a nightlight on when I sleep since I’m still fearful of what may be in the darkness.

My review of A Long Walk Home: A Christmas Novelette

Its Christmas Eve and Kenzie’s boss has closed the office, forcing her to go home and face the start of Christmas alone. Kenzie has always loved Christmas and been the first in line to bake and join in activities to promote the Christmas spirit, but not this year. Following the deaths of both her parents a few years previously, Kenzie has met and become engaged to Heath. Their wedding date was set for this Christmas Day. Heath had proved to be unfaithful and unreliable and left Kenzie, becoming engaged to her best friend, Joy, shortly afterwards. Kenzie has lost her fiance and her best friend at the same time and, with no family, her life feels worthless and she has spiraled into a great depression.

This is a story about recognising people for what they are, overcoming great trials and tribulations, and forgiveness (Joy, not Heath). The storyline has several intriguing paranormal twists with guardian angels and evil spirits which give the book a much stronger good versus evil thread.

DL Finn is a good writer and has created characters with whom the reader can sympathise and relate. A lovely Christmas read with a feel good ending.

A Long Walk Home: A Christmas Novelette is available from Amazon US here:

About D.L. Finn

D. L. Finn is an independent California local who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 she relocated with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats to Nevada City, in the Sierra foothills. She immersed herself in reading all types of books but especially loved romance, horror, and fantasy. She always treasured creating her own reality on paper. Finally, surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and cedars, her creativity was nurtured until it bloomed. Her creations include children’s books, adult fiction, a unique autobiography, and poetry. She continues on her adventure with an open invitation to all readers to join her.

Find D.L. Finn






D.L. Finn blog

Amazon Page

134 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – An introduction to In the Tree’s Shadow my D.L. Finn #Newbook #readingcommunity #shortstories

  1. The description of some of the stories in the trailer sounds terrific. I’m sure I’m not the only person who respects that Denise went with her husband’s music—good stuff.

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  2. A fantastic first stop, Denise! And I love your book trailer. The last two I’ve made have been in Canva, and they make it all so easy. Congratulations on another amazing collection of stories! Wishing you all the best. Thank you, Robbie, for hosting!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, Jan 🙂 Canva does make it so easy to use. Much easier than the old program I used to use and with a ton of selection. I appreciate your help and support xo

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    1. Thank you, Thomas 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I like working on that part. Yes, very happy with the review. I hope you enjoy it.

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    1. Thanks, Teri 🙂 It’s pretty easy and nice to have all the images and music there if needed. I used to use an old program and like how user-friendly this is. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  3. A great post, Robbie! The D.L. Finn works you featured both sound VERY interesting. And I’m impressed with not only the “topics” in her story collection but also the wide-ranging word lengths. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Dave 🙂 I enjoy writing all sorts of lengths, and I think having options is great when you don’t have a lot of time or do.

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  4. I’m late to the party but had to drop by to wish Denise well. I’ve pre-ordered In the Tree’s Shadow and look forward to reading it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed A Long Walk Home as well!

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