Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: #OuteniqueMountains #Oudtshoorn #CangoCaves

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During our road trip in January we travelled from Knysna over the Outenique Mountains to the town of Oudtshoorn.

We passed through the town of Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn boasts 8 churches for its population of 92,000 people.

We visited the famous Cango Caves.

A few pictures from inside the Cango Caves:

The pictures really don’t do justice to the formations.

Have a wonderful weekend.

71 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: #OuteniqueMountains #Oudtshoorn #CangoCaves

  1. The tour of the caves must have been fascinating. Those formations are amazing. Equally amazing is the view from your room and the gates to the caves. The stone church is lovely (we know it has to have a doors somewhere).

    Thanks for joining us, Robbie and sharing some lovely photos from your holiday. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  2. Incredible photos, Robbie, and the stone architecture on the churches is beautiful. When we were in Virginia, we loved seeing all the brick and stone buildings. Those caves are amazing, too, even in your small photos. Wonderful!

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    1. HI Resa, Thank you, the formations are stunning. I am always a little fearful driving over steep mountain passes, but my husband is a very good driver. I don’t drive unless I have too. Terence always does all the driving. He is very good like that.

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      1. I don’t like driving, either. I do if I have to, for work. That’s it. I don’t know if I will ever go up into mountains again. I did a lot in the past, but I’ve had my fill of that excitement. I feel the same way about flying, and I have flown a lot in my life and career.

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        1. Hi Resa, I do fly, although I don’t like flying. It is necessary if you want to travel abroad. I usually take a sleeping pill and sleep the whole way. We are going to the UK for Christmas and I am very excited to see family for the first time since 2018.

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          1. Uch!!! 11 hours is past my fly time. We can get flights to Heathrow from Toronto – 7 hours. Still ….. I would need a great reason. Family is one, for sure.

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      1. Hi Robbie…I agree ,initially we spent more time living really rural but since covid, we have stayed on the edge of town more and I like it… I can walk to markets and shops or the lake area whereas rurally there was nothing to walk to you had to go by car and we prefer to walk…my family bring me crops from the farm and I have my own fruit trees and vegetables in my smaller garden but it works for us far better with regards to doctors/healthcare 🙂 x

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  3. I doubt I’ll ever have the privilege to visit South Africa, but you’ve opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of your country. Thank you, Robbie. 💗

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    1. HI Gwen, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to American either. It is so far and the time zone is so different. Europe and the UK seem so much more manageable. I am glad you enjoyed my pictures. I love to see pictures of other peoples travels.

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