Roberta Writes – Book reviews: WATCH RWISA WRITE Anthology 2022 : Life Is But A Rose Garden and The Road to Nowhere: A Short Story by Charles W. Jones

WATCH RWISA WRITE Anthology 2022 : Life Is But A Rose Garden

What Amazon says

If you have ever heard of the organization, RWISA, then you know that it is home to an elite and exceptional group of writers; writers who care deeply about the quality of the work they share with the world, and writers who polish before they publish. That’s RWISA! RWISA writers have the artistic ability to convey information in a flowing and compelling manner, that keeps readers engaged and wanting more and more.

My review

Watch RWISA Write is a great collection of short stories, poems, and non-fiction insights into life during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as other interesting life experiences by the authors.

Harriet Hodgeson has a wonderful collection of six contributions all of which are meaningful and moving non-fiction pieces. The one that I related to the most was Grandma on duty in which she depicts all the various “duties” she undertakes, or roles she plays, as a grandmother. Harriet explains how her experiences in life have helped her continue to make meaningful contributions to society and her family, and to keep growing as a person.

John Fioravanti includes interesting pieces about three excellent quotes, his interpretation of their meaning, and how he applies this understanding to his own life.

Karen Black shares her thoughts and experiences during the past two years of Covid-19 and a frightening short story about a couple who meddle with forces they don’t understand.

Linda Mims has two lovely contributions including a beautiful story about a mother coming to terms with the loss of her chronically ill daughter through interacting with the children in the class her daughter taught.

There are three pieces contributed by Linnea Tanner, a poem, a short story and a non-fiction discussion about how the pandemic and other events over the past two years have influenced her life and her writing. I related strongly to this piece and I think all readers will as none of us have come through the past few years unchanged.

Lisa Kirazian’s piece is a joyous and uplifting commentary about the real meaning of life.

Maura Beth Brennan shares memories of her mother and the things she misses the most about her. A sad but beautiful article.

In true Nonnie style, the poems and pieces contributed by the President of RRBC and RWISA focus on other people and how various circumstances and events have impacted on their lives. Nonnie’s pieces are windows into the human experience and people’s reactions to adversity.

Pat Garcia shares three lovely short stories and a personal piece about Covid-19. My favourite of Pat’s pieces was The Red Wheelbarrow. I loved the development of her character, Jonathan, and the character growth she depicted beautifully through carefully selected words.

PTL Perrin has two lovely pieces featured. My favourite was her poignant story about a grandmother’s last hours with her granddaughter and how her influence extends beyond the grave and influences her granddaughter’s life for the better.

Yvette M. Calleiro reveals her beautiful and caring soul through her delightful observations about the world around her and her personal growth expressed as freestyle poems.

Watch RWISA Writes is a super collection and has something for every reader to enjoy. 

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The Road to Nowhere: A Short Story

What Amazon says

Friends, Steve, Everett, and Reed, are traveling to a lake resort to celebrate Everett’s upcoming wedding when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When they find an old farmhouse, they discover the elderly couple, Aggie and Morty, aren’t as hospitable as they initially thought and find themselves subject to the sadistic and cannibalistic pair. Aggie and Morty will be eating well unless Steve, Everett, and Reed can escape the farmhouse.

My review

I must say right up front that while I really enjoyed this story, it is horror and would not suit all tastes. There are a few scenes that are quite graphically violent and brutal.

Three young male friends are on a road trip when their van breaks down. The trio soon realise they have taken a wrong turn and are lost in a rural and unfamiliar place. They are the sort of youngers that offend old-fashioned and conservative elderly people due to the swear words that liberally sprinkle their speech and the tattoos and pumped up muscles they sport. One of them is gay.

Abandoning their car, they set off in search of a ramshackled house they’d passed earlier in the afternoon. The house is inhabited by two creepy old people who do not own a car or have a working phone. They offer the men a meal and to spend the night as it is now dark and there is no help to be had until the morning. Against their instincts the three accept the invitation.

There are a few hints that the couple are not what they seem. A few well chosen words such as “”There’s always room for one more.” She patted her belly through her yellow floral housecoat” and “His gaze settled on each of them, intensely looking them over as though he were attempting to guess their weight or age like the geeks do at a carnival.”

Of course, everything starts to go a little pear-shaped, and one of the youngers ends up dead. The remaining two must try to escape if they want to see the sun rise.

This is an entertaining and well told horror story that will appeal to readers who enjoy books like Stephen King’s The Raft.

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16 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Book reviews: WATCH RWISA WRITE Anthology 2022 : Life Is But A Rose Garden and The Road to Nowhere: A Short Story by Charles W. Jones

  1. Congrats to all the authors, Robbie, and your reviews are wonderful. The anthology sounds real good and a book I think I’d enjoy. I’m not into horror, so although The Road to Nowhere sounds compelling, I’ll politely pass. Thanks for sharing!

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