Cooking and Poetry. Around the world in a day of meals

Talented poet and author, Jude Itakali, has created a poetic day of meals around the world. Five bloggers and writers have contributed, including me with dessert (multicoloured chocolate balls). Do go over and enjoy the delicious feast. While you are there, have a look at Jude’s excellent poetry and prose books.

Hello everyone. Five members of our wordpress community contributed to this. I hope you enjoy it.

There are countless things we can tell a dear one
Things that guide and things that
Those that admonish or those that praise
But at any given time, anything we say can be misunderstood
Encouragement taken for being nosy
Care misconstrued as judgement
and reprimands misinterpreted as hatred

In times of such confusion I start in one place
With one universal language
A meal prepared
A meal shared

I have heard of breakfast’s supreme importance
but I also know of early morning’s rush
So I turn to Michaela
and listen as she speaks of Filipinos and hearty breakfasts
An early meal fairly easy to make and yet so filling
She mentions an aroma that wakes the senses
And a wholesomeness that fuels one all day long

It is of Longsilong that she speaks

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