Open Book Blog Hop – Me the action figurine

They’re making an action figure of you. Describe the toy and accessories. (Do you have a catch phrase? Favorite items, clothes, hair style?)

This week’s topic is very cool. I have always loved dolls, as a little girl I was never free of a doll and I even learned to make my own dolls out of corn cobs, paper, and clay. As an adult, I have a huge collection of dolls which also expends to teddy bears, beaded African animals and other figurines, and rag dolls.

An opportunity to create an action figurine modelled on how I see myself would be a lot of fun [especially as I seem to see myself very differently from how other people see me – this weekend while we were away, my family ganged up on me and said I was … wait for it … impatient! MOI! That is simply wrong. I am not impatient, in fact, I can be extremely patient when teaching kids. I am just determined].

So, back to the action girl. She would need to have long wavy hair which she would wear down when entertaining at home and in a braid when visiting places of historical or environmental interest. She would pin it up neatly for her job as a junior director in an auditing and accounting firm.

She would have a large wardrobe with lots of work clothes comprising mainly of flowery trousers with narrow legs, shiny coloured shoes and blouses. None of her shoes would be high heels because she wouldn’t need to power dress have already earned her reputation as an expert in her field.

Over weekends, she will have shorts and t-shirts or jeans and t-shirts with hiking boots for trips away and sandals for staying at home. She will have a separate kitchen that you can buy with a gas oven, bread machine and all sorts of baking and cooking utensils.

For work days and trips away, she will have three laptops, two ipads, and two iphones with a separate battery charger. She will have a large rucksack to pack them in, but will only travel with two laptops and one ipad, but both phones and the charger. The rucksack will always be carried squarely on her shoulders to prevent back pain [who knew computers were so heavy when lugged around an airport].

She will know how to shoot a gun, although she doesn’t look as if butter would melt in her mouth. She will be full of surprises and know how to do select judo throws and carry pepper spray in her car and in the side pocked of her backpack for easy access if needed.

I must say that I think this is a really fun prompt. How do other writers see themselves as action figures.

Picture of me and Ghost Mountain

You can find out here:

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52 thoughts on “Open Book Blog Hop – Me the action figurine

  1. Your action figure would keep a little girl entertained for hours and hours, Robbie! My action figure would be dressed in faded, patched jeans, a “Mr. Peabody’s School for the Extremely Clever” sweatshirt, and mocassins. She would perch atop your bureau with her mouth open and hands gesticulating, in mid-lecture.

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      1. That’s what they say to us. And maybe to their friends when they’re frustrated. But let someone say something negative about us in public and see how fast they defend us. We might as well have tights and capes. (I shudder at the thought. Well, on me, anyway.)

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  2. I have a wheelie bag for my laptop and airport trips. That way I can throw my purse in it as well and don’t have to worry about hurting my back.

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  3. The addition of a seperate kitchen was a great idea, I didn’t go as far as thinking about that type of accessory! I like the sound of your action figure and enjoyed doing the prompt too.

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