#Bookreview – Dead of Winter: Journey 3, The Fever Field by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

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Dead of Winter: Journey 3, The Fever Field by [Teagan Ríordáin  Geneviene]

The Fever Field is burial ground that is far older than the inhabitants of the Flowing Lands realize. We first saw it in the prologue of Journey 1, Forlorn Peak. Now we learn more about the place where ancient evil was buried and forgotten, until that moment in the prologue when it broke free.

On the cover of Journey 3, The Fever Field, Emlyn has turned to look toward Zasha. Much of this third installment is told from Zasha’s point of view. We’ll get better acquainted with the sisters in the Society of Deae Matres who traveled with Zasha. Also, we meet a tall, intriguing north-man and the most mysterious adherent of the Deae Matres.

The youngest of all the Society, Zasha encounters some resistance from the other sisters traveling with her. She also runs into trouble of her own.

Meanwhile, Emlyn’s uncertain situation with her family combines with the threat posed by the Brethren of Un’Naf. What is the greater danger, her loved ones, or the fanatics? In Journey 3, Emlyn’s circumstances reach a tipping point. There seems to be no good choice for her. How can she survive?

My review

Journey 3, The Fever Field, in the Dead of Winter saga really steps up the action. Unexpected circumstances result in Emlyn gaining a far greater insight into the silver haired man from her dreams and a frightening understanding of his frequently repeated phrase “winter is coming.”

I enjoyed getting to know a lot more about Zasha and the other Deae Matres, a society of knowledgeable women who travel around the world trying to right wrongs and preserve history and learning. I was particularly interested by Boabhan, a member of the society and a woman of seemingly great inner strength. I hope to learn more about her as the story progresses. The roles of the various women comprising the society and their conflicts and relationships with each other becomes a lot clearer in this episode.

Zasha shows herself to be young and impetuous and a little lacking in the arts of negotiation and manipulation when dealing with the more senior ladies of the organisation. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions and frustrations are easily seen by others. She will need to learn to think before she speaks if she wants to do the best job she can of unwinding the mysteries that are unveiling themselves in the Flowing Lands.

The writing is beautiful and one sentence that caught my eye was “The breeze heaved an eerie sigh through the boughs, and rustled Emlyn’s skirts.

The series is definitely shaping up into a fascinating story which I would recommend to people who enjoy a good and well written fantasy tale.

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Now Available – Journey 4, The Old Road


Previously, Journey 3, The Fever Field left Emlyn on the run. Will the Society of Deae Matres be willing to help? After all, in Journey 1, they rejected her father’s plea to take her away.Journey 4, The Old Road features Boabhan, the Society’s most enigmatic adherent.Emlyn finds herself in another kind of danger when the archvillain from the prologue of Journey 1, Forlorn Peak returns to the story in this installment. Plus, she still has not outrun the Brethren. Meanwhile, Emlyn isn’t the only one at risk. This Journey finds many of our friends in harm’s way.This Journey is notably longer than the others. Some parts of the story needed to be told together, in one volume.Come, be a part of the Journeys of Dead of Winter.

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44 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Dead of Winter: Journey 3, The Fever Field by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

  1. Robbie, you treasure! I’m so happy you are enjoying this serial. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Zasha and Boabhan characters. I believe “inner strength” might be something many of the Deae Matres have in common — although I had not given it much thought. Thanks for including the preview of Journey 4 too.
    Several things require my attention this morning, but I’ll come back to chat in comments as soon as I can. Stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing!

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  2. Since your review of the first book this series has piqued my interest. Now that they are all out, because I don’t wait well, I am going to grab them all. Wonderful review Robbie.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks for asking, Carla. Yes, there will be several more. The original manuscript is considerably more than 800 pages (if that gives you any idea), and sometimes I add a little to the individual Journeys… I can’t say exactly how many there will be, but I estimate a total of 12, one each month. Stay safe and well.

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          1. I do the same, Robbie. Even when I responded to a blogger’s comment today that we don’t have storms blown down buildings but we have earthquake. I wanted to mentioned the earthquake I experienced but wasn’t sure if it was 1989 or 1987, so I did a quick research. Another response was about oranges. Our county is called Orange County. I ended doing a research on the history of the orange grove 100 years ago in our area.

            Yes, I like to say or write things with accurate facts. We’re in a good company, Robbie.

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          2. I love Anne in Anne of Green Gables, Robbie. Yes, I almost couldn’t stand the young Anne. Sometimes life is tough but it shapes the ones with kindred spirits!


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