Guest post: About Maledicus by Charles F. French and a review

Today, I am delighted to welcome author Charles F. French to Roberta Writes with a post about his horror book Maledicus. Maledicus is the first in the The Investigative Paranormal Society series of which the first three books are currently available.

About Maledicus

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Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

This issue is one of the central themes of my horror novel Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I and is also one of the main issues that has faced humanity in the last one hundred years. From the consequences of millions slain in the Holocaust to one single person murdered on the streets of New York City while many watched and did nothing, humanity has been confronted with this dilemma. When finding evil threatening others, what do we do? Do we ignore it and pretend that it is not there? Do we call authorities to try to handle the situation and hope they arrive in time? Or do we inject ourselves into situations that for both individuals and nations could be filled with the worst kind of danger?

It does not take much effort to find contemporary examples of such circumstances. In all of these situations, the observers are faced with a moral quandary, and in my novel, it is that circumstance which drives the central conflict. What do three retired gentlemen who are trying to find the answer to the ancient question—is there life after death?—What do they do when they are confronted with sociopathic supernatural evil that threatens an innocent? It would be easy for them to turn aside and say—this isn’t our fight, or this doesn’t concern me. In the small town of Bethberg, PA, a demon is threatening a child. The Investigative Paranormal Society had been formed to investigate ghosts, but now they find themselves confronted by an ancient evil. Do they accept the battle, or do they turn away?

These three retired gentlemen do decide to fight this evil, even at the potential cost of their lives and perhaps souls.

In our cynical so-called post-modern world, I feel that I am a bit of a dinosaur, because I am an unapologetic Humanist. I still believe that our connections as people are more important than that which disconnects us. My three central characters believe this ideal also. Hence, they understand Donne’s admonition—“Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” And they understand that whatever threatens an innocent must be opposed.

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About Charles F. French

Charles F. French

I am a writer, novelist, and a professor of English Literature. I live in Pennsylvania. I am a devoted lover of nature, including hiking and fishing. I love reading, movies, cooking, and eating. I enjoy comic books and superheros as well as horror novels and movies.

My review of Maledicus

Maledicus is the right hand man to Caligula, Emperor of the Roman Empire, and they are equally despicable, inhumane and outright evil. Maledicus has plans, great plans, whereby he will ascend to the top position of Emperor but he underestimates the incumbent, Caligula, and his many eyes and ears. Maledicus never achieves his aspirations and is dispatched to the afterlife in an unpleasant and painful way.

In the non world between Heaven and Hell, Maledicus lurks. He is not reconciled to his unnatural death and believes his chance to aspire to greatness will come. He sets about manipulating events and circumstances to achieve his ultimate goals of greatness.

Meanwhile, time has moved on and in the 21st century, three elderly and retired men, Roosevelt, Sam and Jeremy, have formed a ghost-investigating group, with the occasional help and support from Roosevelt’s nephew, ex-US Marine, Patrick. They have all suffered personal losses and this is a great way for them to keep themselves mental and physically active and to indulge in an interest in ghosts and the supernatural. When their Investigative Paranormal Society (“IPS”) gets its first really legitimate case, they find themselves up against an on-going evil that refuses to die. Can the IPS go up against an ancient and expanding evil and expect anything other than untimely deaths?

I enjoyed the characters of Roosevelt, Sam, Jeremy and Patrick and learning about their individual losses and life experiences, all of which weave together into the fabric of this well planned story.

The idea behind this book is fresh and clever and the ending was superb. I was really impressed by the author’s unique and thrilling ending.

57 thoughts on “Guest post: About Maledicus by Charles F. French and a review

      1. Its definitely a great one, and makes a great impact for the books too, Robbie! How are you? Do you have a lockdown? Here we will get a stronger one, but at least they are not knowing how to fight against this virus. Best wishes, Michael


  1. What a powerful interview, Robbie. Charles touched a sensitive subject. When we see a concern or injustice, do we walk away? It would be interesting to see what these three retired gentlemen did with their investigation. Thank you for the post, Robbie.

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  2. It sounds fun, and I like the fact that the protagonists are not the usual young characters and have an interesting background. Thanks, Robbie and congratulations to the author.

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