Dark Origins – The shockingly dark original story of Pinocchio

This month, I have delved into the origin of children’s fantasy story, The Adventures of Pinocchio. The original story itself is very dark and includes hanging Pinocchio by his neck until he dies. The movies have removed some of the darker aspects. Thanks for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth.

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The Adventures of Pinocchio is a children’s fantasy novel by Italian author, Carlo Collodi.

The story was originally published as a serial called The Story of a Puppet in the Giornale per I bambini, one of the earliest Italian weekly magazines for children starting from 7 July 1881. Originally, the story stopped after 8 episodes (published over 4 months) at Chapter 15. Due to popular demand, the episodes were resumed on 16 February 1882 and the following year, the story was published as a single book.

The storyline

In Tuscany, Italy, a carpenter named Master Antonio finds a block of wood which he immediately plans to carve into a table let. The log cries out when he cuts it. Master Antonio falls to the floor as a result of shock and just at that moment his extremely poor neighbour, Geppetto, knocks on the door. The piece of wood instigates an…

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23 thoughts on “Dark Origins – The shockingly dark original story of Pinocchio

  1. The theme of working hard in school is a strong one, especially regarding the donkey transformation. That always scared me, even more so because the other children were never shown as getting a chance of redemption.

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    1. Hi Wayne, modern children in Western societies are completely sheltered from darkness and that isn’t good either because they don’t recognise the signs of bad things happening/coming. It is quite interesting though, isn’t it?


    1. Hi Jan, Disney does manage to sugarcoat everything which has pros and cons. I personally think modern kids are to sheltered and protected from the realities of life and then they can’t cope when things go wrong. Although hanging by the neck is a bit over the top.


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