Roberta Writes – How to include a video insert into a YouTube video

A short while ago, science fiction author, AC Flory, from Meeka’s Mind blog, shared a step-by-step PowerPoint Master Class post with brilliant writer and YouTube video creator extraordinaire, D. Wallace Peach. You can view this post here:

Meeka, a.k.a. AC Flory, then took background removal a step further, and showed us how to remove the inside of a picture:

I used a combination of these techniques to create the animated video of my Sir Chocolate characters below. I didn’t add the music on a slide by slide basis though, I added the music in video editor which is much easier. If you type video editor into your computer’s search bar, it should come up. You can create your video in video editor and add the music. I downloaded the music I used from YouTube free music downloads which meant that when I uploaded the video to YT, it was quickly approved with no copywrite issues.

I was pleased with this effort, but I wanted to add some live readings from my books. To this end, I set about finding out how to do that in PowerPoint.

I found the Recording button in PP fairly easily. When I clicked on Recording, it came up with the Record Slide Show button which gives you options: 1. Record from current slide, 2. Record from beginning. I selected Record from current slide each time so I recorded each slide’s reading separately.

When you click on Record from current slide, you get the screen above. You can see me in the bottom right-hand corner. When you press Record, you have 3 seconds before recording starts. Stop obviously ends the recording.

If you make a mistake, and I did, you can click the X button and it allows you to clear the Recordings on the current slide.

That all went relatively well, but when I tried to add music to the slides with no recordings, things went pear-shaped. The music recorded over my video sound track.

What to do? What to do?

Not give up, obviously.

How I solved this problem was to save two separate videos, one that had the animated design show that I wanted to set to music, and the other with the recordings. I added the music in PowerPoint to slide show 1.

I used the Audio button to add Audio from my PC. I had already downloaded the sound track I wanted.

I then selected Play in Background and the music was added across the 8 slides.

I then converted Video 1 to an MP4. I separately converted slide show 2 to an MP4.

I put the two videos together in video editor, as follows:

I created a new project called Sir Chocolate Books introduction. I then added the two separate videos in order. I then pressed Finish video and, wallah! video editor put the two videos together for me.

It isn’t perfect, but I think it’s not bad for a homemade YT video.

You can view the final product here:

AC Flory is one of these technical wizard people who know how to do all sorts of interesting things on computers. She has some other great posts in this line here:



And here:

56 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – How to include a video insert into a YouTube video

  1. I have never tried working in video and it seems way too layered for me. Garry knows more about this (ironic, isn’t it?) because this is what he did for all those years in the newsroom. I know how it’s done on professional equipment, but it’s a whole different ballgame on a PC. Good luck!!

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      1. I’ve never had much interest in working in video. I enjoy what others do, but I’ve got enough on my plate — and I would need a more powerful computer than I can afford to even try doing it. Garry would like to try it, but I can’t afford another hefty computer, so I’m afraid this time, it isn’t going to happen.

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  2. This is brilliant, Robbie! I particularly like the elegant way you solved the audio problem. PowerPoint is a powerful tool but obviously has some limitations. You and Diana have taken it to that limit and then some.
    I hope you’ll be making lots more videos in the future. -hugs-

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          1. Yes, the best tool is often the one closest to hand. I invested in a couple of tools because I intend to make a lot more videos in the future, otherwise it just wouldn’t be worth it. That said, I hope you do make more videos with PP. I love your fondant characters. 🙂

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  3. This was an excellent tutorial, Robbie. I have saved it for future reading. Thank you for taking the time to provide this information, which is essential in the ever evolving social media messaging sphere. Your video was brilliant.

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  4. Since I did this for a living since 197x, the simpler way to do your audio is multitrack it in pay or freeware, merge, fade, duck or whatever your needs regarding VO/music transitions and paste that in. Or use the multitrack audio in most video editors. PowerPoint is a wonderful product, but there are way easier ways to work. Any DAW with video export can handle frame accurate foley, VO and music attachment. As far as background removal any number of online AI programs can erase backgrounds, remove unwanted objects… free. Heck, Davinci Resolve, what they use on Hollywood blockbusters, has a free version. Audacity is a free, proven multitrack audio editing program. Thanks for the info. turn it up!

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  5. That’s excellent, Robbie. Thanks for sharing the how-to with all the images. I remember you saying that you added YouTube music to your video and that it was easy to do. Thanks for showing me how. I’ve overlapped two different music tracks, but never tried adding a voice recording, so thanks for those instructions as well. Your video is wonderful! Now you’re reading to make more of them. 🙂 Well done!

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