Thursday Doors – Tau Game Lodge #cheetah #giraffe #rhino

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Here are a few more doors pictures from our stay at Tau Game Lodge

Our chalet from the road. Can you see our three visitors?

The second night of our stay at Tau, the temperatures dropped significantly overnight. It was really cold when we left for our early morning drive at 5.30am. The game ranger game us heat packs for our laps and hands as well as blankets. Here we are wrapped up in our winter woolies:

It was worth going out in the cold as we saw a leopard on the prowl. I got a few good pictures and we saw her trying to take down a small klipspringer antelope. It was exciting to watch but way to fast for me to film.

We also saw rhino, but the game ranger was obsessed with following the cheetah so I only go one picture and a short video.

Lastly, we saw baby giraffes, my favourite.

Oh, and a zebra scratching his side and bottom. It was quite amusing to watch.

50 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Tau Game Lodge #cheetah #giraffe #rhino

  1. Goodness sakes alive, you have remarkable adventures! I would not have known what to do seeing those “visitors” so near. I used to freak out when mice or spiders appeared in the cabin we used for summers at the lake!. Big smiles for the videos, photos, and enthusiasm you have for the world around you.

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        1. On that note, Jim, I heard a funny story. There are a lot of croc farms in KwaZuluNatal. When it was flooded earlier this year, a number of crocs escaped. Two days later when the farmer arrived to open the gate, a row of eight crocs waited there. They had come home for breakfast. So funny!

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  2. With that rhino coming, I think I’d go follow the cheetah, too. I love the little video of the cheetah nodding off. She looks like she’s trying to stay awake. I know that feeling. Interesting to see such a powerful hunter at rest. I liked the doors, too. The visitors outside your chalet gave me a reason to pause. How strong was that fence. Sorry to be so late in responding, we are well into some fall projects.

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  3. What a wonderful experience, Robbie. Your chalet looks comfortable. I’m not sure about the shower or the visitors, though. I enjoyed your photos and videos. When one has an itch there’s nothing to do but scratch!

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