Welcome to the WordCrafter “Once Upon an Ever After” Book Blog Tour featuring Roberta Eaton Cheadle

Patty Fletcher of Patty’s World blog has kindly hosted today’s stop on the “Once Upon an Ever After” Book Blog Tour featuring my short story, The War Babies. This story was inspired by the ‘canary’ girls who worked in the munitions factory in the UK during WW1 and Hans Christian Anderson’s short story, The Storks.

Thank you for hosting, Patty.

Welcome to the WordCrafter “Once Upon an Ever After” Book Blog Tour

Before I begin Day two, Kaye has a word or two to share.

Welcome to the WordCrafter Once Upon an Ever After Book Blog Tour, where we’re launching Once Upon an Ever After: Modern Myths & Folklore with guest posts from contributing authors about their story inspirations, reviews and an interview the anthology and WordCrafter Press with me, Kaye Lynne Booth. So, stick with us by following the schedule below, to learn more about this mystical new anthology and its authors. Check back daily, as I’ll be adding the links as they go live.

Tour Schedule

Monday – August 22 – Opening Day Post – Writing to be Read – Intro. & Guest Post – Sarah Lyn Eaton

Tuesday – August 23 – Patty’s World – Review & Guest Post – Robbie Cheadle

Wednesday – August 24 – The Showers of Blessings – Guest Post – Olivia Merchiston

Thursday – August 25 –Roberta Writes – Interview w/ Kaye Lynne Booth

Friday – August 26 – Zigler’s News – Review & Guest Post – Lyndsay Elizabeth Gilbert

Saturday – August 27 – Closing Post – Writing to be Read – Guest Post – A.E. Lanier

Digital Giveaway

For a chance to win a free digital copy of Once Upon an Ever After, just leave a comment to show you were here. Follow the tour and comment at each stop for more chances to win. Three copies will be given away in a random drawing. (Yep. I literally draw the names out of a hat.)

This anthology was by invitation only, which means I invited the authors because of specific stories, which caught my imagination. The result is a unique collaboration with a wonderful group of authors who have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

My Thoughts…

I must say, Kaye’s words of “A wonderful group of authors” is right on the mark. The stories in this anthology are quite amazing.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Robbie Cheadle’s War Babies. Before I do, here’s a word from Robbie.

A photo of Roberta “Robbie” Cheadle. Robbie has an easy smile on her face, creating dimples on both cheeks. She wears light makeup and a muted opal colored long sleeve top. She is sitting and her shoulder-length blonde hair has streaks of light brown. Her bangs sweep across her forehead to the left. In the background are wooden dining room chairs with rounded tops and a matching brown wooden table. On the table on the right is a white cake with green leaf decorations on the top circumference. Atop the cake is a figurine. On the wall behind the table is a large painting of a young boy crouched on the beach playing in the sand at the water’s edge.

Robbie’s Thoughts in her own words…

The theme for this short story collection was a little daunting for me at the time I received the notification about this anthology, Once Upon an Ever After. I am not a person who can necessarily write to any prompt as I need to be inspired. I have written some modern fairy tales loosely linked to a fairy tale which could be called the inspiration for the story, but the mood must be upon me to do that.

I wanted to write a story about the British women who worked in munitions manufacturing trinitrotoluene shells during the First World War. They were nicknamed ‘Canary Girls’ because exposure to TNT is toxic and repeated expose turns the skin an orange-yellow.

These Canary Girls may not have been fighting in the trenches, but the job they did was fraught with danger. The factories where the munitions were manufactured were targets for enemy fire and were often bombed. In addition, they risked personal injury if they tapped the detonator too hard when they fitted it into the top of the casing.

You can continue reading here: https://pattysworlds.com/wordcrafter-once-upon-an-ever-after-book-blog-tour-day-two-wordcrafter-writingtoberead-bookblogtour/

31 thoughts on “Welcome to the WordCrafter “Once Upon an Ever After” Book Blog Tour featuring Roberta Eaton Cheadle

  1. Well written and enjoyable to read. I have heard of these brave women in the past but I don’t know where I heard it. Thank you for giving me–others, pleasure to read it, Robbie.

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  2. We had the “Bomb Girls” in Canada.
    So many women stepped up to the plate in WWII.
    After the war, women were expected to step away from the plate, for the men coming home.
    It did not last long. The 60’s changed many things. Still, women are not 100% equal to me, except in Sweeden.

    Liked by 2 people

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