Mountain and formations #SouthAfrica #nature #mountains

I saw a lovely post over at Marsha Ingrao’s blog Always Write, about Mountains and formations, you can read Marsha’s post here:

I liked this post so much I decided to share a few of my photographs of beautiful mountains with unusual formations and features. All these pictures are from places in South Africa.

The above pictures are of Ghost Mountain in KwaZulu Natal.

These two rock formations are from Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

These two pictures are of the Outeniqua Mountain Pass

These pictures were taken near Fugitives Lodge.

Have a lovely new week!

58 thoughts on “Mountain and formations #SouthAfrica #nature #mountains

    1. HI Marilyn, I also love mountains. I am drawn to their peace and majesty. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon – maybe one day… Thanks for visiting and I saw your wonderful mountain post. Thanks for sharing some of your pictures.


    1. Hi Jan, these pictures are from vary varied parts of SA. The Outeniqua is a very wet area and everything is generally very green and lush. The Three Rondavels are in a much drier part of SA. It is amazing to experience the different terrains.


  1. You certainly have a very beautiful country, Robbie, one I will always regret never having visited. When I was young, I was captivated by the autobiography of Denis Compton on a tour he did of South Africa. I think the tour was in the early 50s and I must have been about twelve. The tour sounded fantastic, how he and the tour guides could turn a corner through the undergrowth and find a lion looking at them. It wasn’t just the excitement, it was the colours the book described that grabbed at me. I’m sure somewhere inside me is an African. 🙂

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  2. Hi Robbie, Your pictures are stunning. I am intrigued by Ghost Mountain. You probably know some great stories about that. I agree with your other readers about the waterfall. The distance of it must be record-setting. It is so beautiful The Blyde River Canyon with the misty sky makes a stunning photo. Well done! Bourke’s Potholes made me laugh. I would not like driving over any of those potholes. They made an excellent photo, though. Every continent has so many amazing places and I’m so glad you shared these so that we can see places we’ve never been – or at least I haven’t. If you ever get to the Grand Canyon, we aren’t too far away. Thanks again for sharing WQW this week. 🙂

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