Roberta Writes – Thursday doors: Shepherd’s Tree Lodge #animals #Africa #poetry

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Last week I posted part 1 of our mini road trip to the Pilanesberg National Park. You can read about it here:

You can join in Thursday Doors here:

This week, I’m sharing some pictures of the lodge, which really was very nice.

We saw some wonderful animals, including this warthog.

Last week I mentioned that the single young elephant bull got a fright when the vehicle started. This is the story in 99-syllables.

Elephant scare

The bull elephant stands
Passive aggressive
Perceiving no threat from the six vehicles
The people drawn like flies
To view real nature
He continues to feed
Desecrating trees
Trying to satisfy his ceaseless hunger
One eye on the people
One eye on the leaves
The engine turns over
It’s time to move on
No regard for the animal – he takes fright
Rears and trumpets his shock
Driver reacts fast

In case you’ve forgotten, this is how close the elephant was – the vehicle roof support can be seen to the side of the picture. These vehicles are open.

One of my favourite sightings was seeing a dung beetle rolling a ball of dung across the road. You can watch my short video here:

I am finishing this week’s post with an amusing song about a Warthog by Flanders and Swann:

PS, a few readers expressed surprise at the dehorning of rhinos that featured in my poem, Vacancies, this week.

I found this article about a rhino crying tears after being brutally attached and injured by a poacher. It makes me cry real tears too:

58 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday doors: Shepherd’s Tree Lodge #animals #Africa #poetry

  1. This is.a wonderful composite post, Robbie. What a perfect way to start my morning.Great doors, lovely and exciting poetry and a video that I almost can’t stop watching (I dragged my iPad over to show my wife). I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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  2. It was tough to read the article about the injured and crying rhinoceros, but ignoring the atrocity doesn’t make it go away. It’s made me decide to find a rhino protection charity so I can make a donation.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. HI Wayne, sorry, I somehow missed your comment. They injure the animal very badly and leave it to bleed to death which is worse really. At least sometimes the animal can be saved. Rhino horn is made or keratin so they might as well eat their own hair. It has no magical medical properties at all. So very sad that some people are so ignorant.

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  3. that looks like a wonderful lodge. and you were quite close to that elephant. and every time I hear the word warthog, I think Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. Fun video of the dung beetle!

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  4. The photographs of the rhino were so hard to look at. How can anyone be so cruel to an animal?

    Thank you for including the photograph of the warthog and the warthog song. We don’t have such critters around here.

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  5. Great post, Robbie! Flanders & Swann and Ian Wallace bring back some lovely old memories of listening to ‘the wireless’ as it was called in my distant childhood. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the rhino though. I know I’d cry too.
    Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Hi Chris, I love Flanders & Swann and took my family to see Hats Off and Hats Off again starring Jonathan Roxmouth at the Pieter Toerien theatre. My boys loved it, especially the song about the English weather. The rhino situation is heartbreaking.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. HI Jacquie, it is a very tough thing to see, but my heart breaks for the rhinos and I think the more people that know about these atrocities the better. There are a lot of really good people who will risk their own lives to save these animals.

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  6. What a fabulous post, Robbie. I love your poem, and although that elephant was frightening, I love those animals. I got teary-eyed reading the rhino article and viewing the beyond sad photos. I almost couldn’t. For humans to be so cruel, it’s just unfathomable, and it makes me angry. We also make donations…it’s the least one can do, I guess. Also, I never thought to be entertained by a dung beetle, but I was, and it brought a smile. I don’t know that I’ll ever have the chance to go on adventures such as these that you share, so thank you for taking us along. 💞

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    1. HI Lauren, I am very pleased you liked the dung beetle. I thought it was amazing. Single male elephants can be dangerous and people need to be wary. That is reasonable, they are wild animals in their natural environment. As for the rhinos, that article made me cry. We saw four lots of rhino and it is baby season now. Those pictures completely killed me.

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  7. I enjoyed your photos and your video. I’ve seen programs of poachers… not nice people.
    All animals need respect. It is too bad that some humans have none for other animals or other humans either.

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  8. Always a great post. Doors to outside shower! if you ever go to India -Kerala in particular all the hotels have outside showers. I was shocked but then It was okay, because it isn’t completely outside. But, you get so unwanted visitors but it is okay.

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