Roberta Writes – Pre-release book review: Realms of the Mist by Jude Itakali

Today, I am delighted to feature Realms of the Mist, a forthcoming fantasy novel by poet and author, Jude Itakali.

Here is a teaser about the book:

The blurb

Be it born to darkness and sacrifice,
or be it raised amidst love and hope;
for those who dwell under light and freedom,
and those who are shackled to ways preordained,
the cruellest curses stem from our greatest blessings.
And yet some are cursed, so that others may be blessed.

 Kamau is born to a people who repress all emotion, but his first experience of grief shakes the foundations of all his beliefs. It thrusts him on a journey for answers, and ultimately pits him and a few unexpected companions against an ageless power.

My review

Realms of the Mist is a fantasy story set in the beautiful and majestic mountains of eastern Africa. The writing has a lyrical and poetic style which suits the mystical subject matter of the book.

The protagonist, Kamau, is a member of a tribe of people called the Hadiza. They are the Guardians of The Veil which separates the afterlife from life on earth. Their positions as Guardians come with gift and the Hadiza are able to transform into animals. There is also a price to be paid and they are expected to control their emotions and serve the spirits without emotional burdens. To this end, siblings are separated from their parents and from each other and grow up cared for by communities of people. This system failed for Kamau and his younger sister who accidently end up in the same community. Kamau succumbs and takes on the responsibilities of an older brother despite this being contrary to the beliefs of his people. The unexpected death of Kamau’s sister unbalances him and results in him nearly committing a terrible sin. Despite his failing to remain detached from his sister and his near failing, he is chosen to go on an important mission to save The Veil and his people. It is believed he is the only one who can fulfil this mission and his relationship with his sister and her death influence his behaviour and decisions.

I enjoyed Kamau’s character and his growth from a temperamental and selfish young man to a more mature and responsible man. With his best friend and guide, Irina, at his side, he sets off to overcome the forces of evil working to destroy his world. During his travels, he meets another lovely young woman called Ninuwe, who is of the Femi tribe. Her gift is to incite love and lust in others and she competes with Irina for Kamau’s affections. This competition makes for some fun and interesting dialogue and exchanges.

This is a great adventure with lots of excitement and action. It’s African setting and interesting mythological components make this an extraordinary read.

Purchase the ebook here:

About Jude Itakali

Jude Itakali was born and lives in Kampala, Uganda. He is publishing his first collected works, “CROSSROADS (Winds of love)

When not being an athlete on the rugby field, or crunching down numbers on a computer for work, he delicately pens the epiphanies from life and its different relationships and encounters.

He writes about all sorts of topics, finding a way to relate them with each other, because no one theme exists in a vacuum.

Empathy is sometimes considered a gift, and Jude has it in abundance

Find Jude Itakali

Twitter: @jude_clutch

blogTales Told Different


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Robbie. I loved your review. The book cover alone would be enough to sell me on the book but your review definitely makes me want to read it. Congratulations to Jude!

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