Thursday Doors – Kloofzig Lodge & Spa

Welcome to Thursday Doors, a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing your link in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time).

Our base, during our recent short vacation when we visited the Cradle of Mankind was Kloofzig Lodge & Spa. You can learn more about it here:

I can’t tell you anything about the spa as those aren’t my scene and I didn’t visit it, but the food, accommodation, and surroundings were splendid.

Pictures of the hotel:

Pictures of our room:

The surrounds:

You can join in Thursday Doors here:

51 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Kloofzig Lodge & Spa

  1. A pool and a lake!! I like the image of the reeds. I know there is a name for that plant… but I can’t recall it right now. The fluff of it is supposed to be as good as bird down for insulation. But I’m not sure why it never caught on. I only read about it. One head of that plant can fluff up to fill a bag – so I read somewhere.

    We might just take a few days local by the ocean soon. But we’ll see. Hoping out December trip doesn’t get canceled.

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