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Murder comes in 7 different genres. By 7 different authors. Are you a fan of courtroom drama? In the anthology’s first story, Abraham Lincoln defends a friend’s son against a charge of murder. For lovers of speculative fiction, Jason Fogg dissolves into mist to sneak through open windows and snoop for clues. How about a cozy? Jazzi, Jerod, and Ansel discover a dead body while renovating a kitchen, dining room, and half bath. Have a craving for a Regency? Lord Peregrine and his wife, Elizabeth, use their sharp minds and quick wit to solve a murder at a garden party. Need a bit of literary fiction? A young, lonely widow must deal with the theft of a valuable butterfly collection. And what about a little psychological horror? Twin sisters discover that their attic is haunted by not one, but two ghosts. Last, but never least, the anthology concludes with a historical mystery. A young, newly married knight is accused of murdering his obnoxious host at a holiday gathering in his castle.

My review

This anthology is a superb collection of seven short stories, all linked with a common murder mystery them, by seven excellent authors.

This collection was fun to read as all the stories approached the theme of murder mystery from a different angle including super hero fantasy, a variety of different historical eras, and some modern settings with an interesting and fresh twist.

Lincoln Uncovers the Real Story of How Preston Metzer Got Himself Kilt – a fascinating and well researched historical story involving a murder trial at which Lincoln defended the accused prior to his become president of the USA. The guilt or not of the accused is unknown throughout this intriguing story;

From the Files of Jason Fogg is an unusual take on a murder mystery story featuring a super hero of sorts as the main character. Jason Fogg has the ability to manifest himself as real fog and uses this ability to help him investigate difficult cases. I have read a few other books by C.S. Boyack and really enjoyed this character. I will be reading more books featuring Jason Fogg;

The Body in the Kitchen is an entertaining story about a trio of home renovators who are hired to renovate select rooms in a dilapidated mansion as part of a charity project. There are a number of other renovators and decorators involved in the project, all of whom have secrets, so when one of their number is discovered dead in a closet, there are plenty of suspects;

Murder at a Garden Party is a fun romp involving an Agatha Christie styled murder in the study of a mansion on the day of a garden party. All the well heeled and sophisticated guests have hidden agenda’s and any of them could be the murderer, which makes for an interesting investigation;

Swallowtail involves a woman from a disadvantaged background who has married well. Everything is fine in her life until her husband dies and some issues with his company come to light. How far would a person go to ensure the continuity of her lifestyle and position?

Within the Plum Attic is a captivating murder mystery story with paranormal and horror elements. Twin sisters move into an old and neglected mansion that their mother has had the good fortune to inherit. One sister is out-going and enjoys friends and socialising while the other is reserved and finds making friends difficult. The quiet one is dependent on the social sister. Unknow to them, a similar family scenario unfolded in the attic of the mansion with unfortunate consequences and the ghosts of these sisters from the past are stirring;

A Winter Reckoning is a well researched historical piece set in medieval times when Lords and Ladies lived in stone castles, women danced to the tune of the men, marriages were arranged for purposes of allegiances, and everyone complied with bidding of the king. Widowed Lady Lorraine is invited to a party by a powerful man who has designs on her. She is obligated to accept the invitation but, not wanting her hosts advances, she asks the son of one of her friends to accompany her as her protector. All of the guests have their own devious reasons for attending the party so when a murder takes place, all of them are suspects.

Murder They Wrote is an interesting and varied anthology including high quality and well written and researched stories.

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Murder They Wrote by [Judi Lynn, C.S. Boyack, Mae Clair, Kathleen Palm, Julia Donner, D.P. Reisig, Rachel Sherwood Roberts]

29 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Murder They Wrote anthology

  1. What a great review, Robbie. I also loved this anthology. It was fascinating to see the different approaches to writing mysteries. Excellent collection. ✨✨✨✨✨


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