#Bookreview – Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Jacquie Biggar

What Amazon says

Take two stubborn fools, mix a touch of fate, stir in some desire, and you have the recipe for a Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Sophia Shaughnessy left her beloved home in order to prove once and for all she was more than a pretty face to her family and ex-boyfriend, Tony. But, it backfired. When her grandmother needed her most, she wasn’t there.

Tony Morrison had been in love with the youngest Shaughnessy for almost as long as he’d been employed at her family’s ranch. Trouble was, he had secrets. Things he couldn’t tell anyone, especially the beautiful Sophia. So, he’d let her go.

But now she’d returned, bringing the winds of change to the Texas ranch, and Tony wasn’t sure he could protect her from the fallout.

My review

This is a delightful romance between a young woman, Sophia, the daughter of a ranching family, and the ranch foreman, Tony. Sophia is ten years younger than Tony and has been in love with him since she was sixteen years old. Five years earlier she’d left the ranch and Tony, to strike out on her own and build a career in New York City. Deep at heart, Sophia is still a country girl so when Tony calls her, soon after the death of her grandmother, and asks her to come hope and help her brothers with some decisions about the ranch, she goes.

She soon realises that her passion for Tony is still there, stronger than ever, but her pride and the reasons she left in the first place are still standing in the way of their happiness. During her absence, life on the ranch has changed and Sophia discovers her brothers at loggerheads over the best way forward with the ranch which is floundering financially. Each of the siblings, including Sophia, have their own ideas about what’s best for the family and the ranch and none of them are prepared to listen to the others. This causes friction between the siblings.

Tony can see the problem but can he put aside his turbulent feelings for Sophia and make his opinion and thoughts heard? Will this help or hinder any potential chance he has to rekindle the romance with Sophia?

Jacquie Biggar is a master romance writer who makes you feel all the heightened emotions and angst of her characters. I really liked Sophia who just wanted to feel valued by her family and have her ideas heard and considered and who also felt rejected by Tony due to misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions.

This is a delightful romance and readers of this genre will love this well written book.

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