#Bookreview – Mr Fox: The Legend by Sue Vincent and Stuart France

What Goodreads says

Where do they come from?
They come out of the night…
Where do they go to?
Back to the night they return…
They dance in the dark to pipe and drum and fiddle
They dance in the dark with fire and brandished flame…

No-one knows who they are…

But why do they dance?

What is the story behind this magical spectacle…

There are rumours, legends…

Don and Wen set out to investigate.

In a darkened corner of the Waggon and Horses, Langsett, a hooded and enigmatic figure whispers secrets…

My review

I purchased the hard copy of this graphic novel and I was very pleased that I did. The artwork is very visually appealing and really adds to the enjoyment of this intriguing and mysterious story.

I was not familiar with the legend of Mister Fox or the dance which tells his story until I read this book. I was intrigued by the story of the crow that hatched a devious plan to steal the sun from old man fox who cared for it. The way in which the crow tricks old man fox and his vixen daughter reminded me of other myths and legends I have read, in particular, Brer Rabbit, which was a great favourite of mine when I was a girl.

Of course, as with all good tales, the crow gets caught and punished and is doomed to spend his life trapped in time, where he is cast by old man fox and his fox troupe, and surrounded by “seven leaping tongues of flame.”

The next part of the book tells the tale of how the story of Mr Fox came to in Yorkshire and associated with certain sports and revelries which have survived over the years.

According to this book, the fox dance is still performed on the night of the Hunter’s Moon in a secretive and mysterious way. The identities of the dancers are also a secret and only known within the dance troupe.

An informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated graphic novel.

Purchase Mr Fox: The Legend

39 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Mr Fox: The Legend by Sue Vincent and Stuart France

  1. Wonderful review and insight into Sue’s book. No doubt it’s beautiful with images. Sue does a fantastic job with beautiful photos. I will get to this book eventually 🙂 x

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  2. Thank you for recommending and reviewing this interesting book. A great review. Reading the first lines in the reblog i mentioned an “Irish smell” of the story. Now i think i am not gone wrong with it, even there is a little bit of”difference” between Ireland and Great Britain. 😉 Michael

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  3. I’ve never read a graphic novel, Robbie, and I can see why the paper copy would be preferable over ebook. The story sounds mystical and fascinating – as Sue’s writing often is. Thanks for sharing your review!

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