#Writephoto – Entrance

The field was difficult to traverse. Great rocky outcrops reared up, creating blockages that she had to go around. Every now and then, the earth tore open and great gushes of scalding steam boiled up in thick clouds, forcing her to leap backwards. She persisted, despite the numerous obstacles that were thrown up in her path.

Now, the entrance was in her line of vision. Only a few more metres to go and she would be there and able to enter.

As she stumbled forwards, an enormous scaly creature appeared in the stone doorway. A torrent of fire and smoke spewed from its mouth and rolled in blazing tendrils across the ground towards her. A cry of despair wrenched itself from her mouth, which had fallen open in dismay.

This was the end. She accepted defeat. The entrance to this man’s heart was to well-guarded for her to ever enter. Turning, she walked away, head held high. From the dark cave behind her a shrill wail ushered forth. The sound went on and on.

This piece was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. You can join in here: https://scvincent.com/2020/01/23/thursday-photo-prompt-entrance-writephoto-2/


47 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Entrance

  1. How well you have captured a narcissists heart – though the shrill wail might indicate he wanted more than just her to walk away… I personally think in this instant she won.

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