#Booktour – Characterisation of Henry Scarle

Thank you to Diane Reviews Books for hosting me with this post about my ghostly character, Henry Scarle, as part of my Through the Nethergate book tour. There is also a Giveaway you can enter from Diane’s blog. Thank you to Great Escapes Book Tours for organising this tour.
Through the Nethergate Author Guest Post and Giveaway

Through the Nethergate
by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

Author Guest Post

About Henry Scarle

Henry Scarle is the leader of the group of ghosts that haunt the inn in Bungay where Margaret goes to live with her grandfather following the deaths of her parents. Margaret’s powers cause the ghosts to reincarnate and regain their human bodies. This group of incarnates is innately good and when they reincarnate the signs of their unnatural deaths reverse and they become young and good looking again. There are also wicked ghosts haunting the inn, who become more grotesque and nastier when they reincarnate. All the incarnates are beholden to their master, Hugh Bigod, having followed him at the time of their unnatural deaths. They are trapped in the Overworld, the shadowy dimension between human life on earth and either Heaven or Hell.

Henry is an intelligent and kindly young man, usually clear headed except for the anger and resentment he felt at the time of his unnatural death which led to his making the poor choice of turning away from Heaven’s White Light and following Hugh Bigod, in the form of a black dog, into eternal servitude.  Henry is naïve in his handling of a difficult situation he encounters while performing his duties of looking after the ships transporting corn and other goods via the Bungay Staithe Navigation. A mistake costs him his life when he is beaten to death by thieves.

Henry is the incarnate selected by the others to try and win Margaret support after the ruthless attack on her by one of Hugh Bigod’s henchman, Tom Hardy. Henry wants Margaret’s to help the good incarnates to escape from Hugh Bigod and the Overworld, but he is also sensitive to her plight and does not want to put her in danger. He proves himself to be a loyal friend and quite a romantic.

Henry and Margaret develop feelings for each other, and this results in Henry pushing himself to confront situations and do things to try and save her from the malevolent plan hatched by Hugh Bigod to use Margaret’s powers to overthrow Lucifer and gain control of Hell.

Henry develops a brotherly fondness for two of the other young incarnates, Lizzie and Katharine, and plays a protective role towards them as well as Margaret. He is open minded and is happy to consider suggestions made by Lizzie to help resolve a sticky situation they find themselves in.

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15 thoughts on “#Booktour – Characterisation of Henry Scarle

  1. Reading about Henry and the differences between ghosts and incarnates raises the question in my mind about how much is based on traditional lore and how much is your own world-building. (I’m not well-versed in paranormal fiction.)

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