#Writephoto – Light

I decided to introduce a poltergeist into my currently nameless Boer War supernatural historical novel. This is an unedited extract:

“You may let loose some sort of bad spirit or phantom into your home,” Michelle repeats dumbly. She stares at the scene with a sort of incredulous avidity and her fingers twitch slightly.

The mouse moves suddenly underneath her hand. The curser moves to the top of a fresh pages and stops, waiting … blinking brightly on the blank screen.

Oh my God. What’s happening? The words scream in her head.

Hello Bitch

Michelle stares in shock at the words that have appeared on her screen.

You are a traitor to your sex marrying a man like Tom. I’m going to get that lying, cheating husband of yours and then I’m going to get you. I’m going to teach you both a lesson you won’t ever forget.

“Nooooo,” the moan rasped from her dry throat. “I don’t believe this.”

You’d better believe it, Bitch.

The face of a girl of about sixteen years old appeared on the screen. She has long dark blonde hair tied neatly into two plaits which peep out from beneath a bonnet that covers her head and makes her face shadowy. Michelle can see her eyes; dark and hate-filled they glare at her from beneath its wide brim. Only see the top of her old-fashioned dress shows; it has buttons running down the front and a lace collar.

The girl’s mouth moves and Michelle can hear her voice through the speakers. “Don’t think that Pieter van Zyl or that pompous Englishman, Robert, can save you. If they interfere with me, I’ll take care of them too.”

Michelle hangs her head and clasps her forehead in both of her hands. Her temples have exploded into a migraine. She sits here, holding her head for what seems like hours, but it’s actually only twenty minutes, before the pain recedes sufficiently for her to look up. The late afternoon sun is streaming through the window and the bright light obscures her computer’s screen. Pulling it roughly across the desk, she sees that the screen has reverted to her screen saver. She reaches out and moves the mouse. The screen is perfectly normal, her internet home page is still open at the article about the risks of using an Ouija board. She shuts her computer down and gets to her feet. It’s a bit early, but she thinks a drink is in order.

Thank you for the inspiration, Sue Vincent. You can get inspired here: https://scvincent.com/2019/11/21/thursday-photo-prompt-light-writephoto/

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      1. I used to dsbble with ouija boards in my youth until they scared me. Tarot cards are a good tool for tapping into what you need:) Yes, you can learn a lot on Tuesday Tarot at Jan’s blog!

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