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Geneticist Lanaya Kim must do what authorities haven’t – tie together the “accidental” deaths of several prominent scientists around the country to show they were actually murdered. Over the past two years, geneticists have died in what appear to be accidents, but Lanaya knows otherwise. If she tells her secrets to the authorities, she risks becoming a suspect or revealing herself to the killer and becoming an open target. Hiring private investigator Hamilton DeShear may help her expose the truth, but time is running out. The murders are happening faster, and Lanaya’s name may be next on the killer’s list. But when Lanaya and DeShear start probing, what they discover is far more horrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

My review

Hamilton “Hank” Deshear is just a regular guy who, due to some unexpected life curveballs, has ended up losing his job in the police force and also his home. Hank is struggling to re-establish himself financially in his new occupation as a self-employed private investigator.   When Lanaya, a genetic scientist, contacts him and claims that the recent high-profile death of the well-known and wealthy head master of a local private school is not an accident, but rather a murder, Hank starts being drawn into the shadowy world of a serial killer. The deceased head master is the latest in a series of accidental deaths of fellow current and former genetic scientists. The link between all of these people and Lanaya is that they all worked together approximately ten years previously for a progressive genetic engineering research laboratory.  Lanaya believes all the deaths are murders and that she is next on the list. She is seeking to employ Hank to track down the responsible party and stay alive. The murderer, however, is not an ordinary man. He is the product of genetic engineering aimed at producing a superior human specimen called the “Gammas”.

Soon Hank is on the run, together with Lanaya, hoping they can escape the warped justice of the murderer and unravel the greater mystery that underlies his vengeful murder spree.

Deshear is a likeable and easy going man, who exhibits ingenuity, determination and resourcefulness which quickly gets the reader on his side and routing for his success in tracking down the murderer. His background in the police force and his heroic past actions make his role in the book believable and realistic.

Lanaya grows on the reader. Initially, she comes across as being quite snotty and superior, but it soon becomes obvious that her attitude is due to fear and distrust of other people. She is the epitome of an innocent person who has ended up in trouble due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and possibly not giving enough thought or consideration to the strange and unorthodox behaviours and work methodologies she saw around her. Lanaya proves herself to be brave and agile minded when both she and Deshear end up in an unexpected situation.

This book is fast paced and exciting, with a unique and well thought out plot which will intrigue readers who enjoy medical thrillers, or any other kind of thriller. The medical references are not unnecessarily complex or detailed and it is not necessary for the reader to have any sort of medical background to enjoy this book. The author managers to pull all the complex threads of the story neatly together at the end, leaving the reading with a satisfying conclusion but interested in coming back for more.

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  1. Robbie, as my way of saying thank you to you for sharing my book with your readers, I’d be happy to offer anyone who comments on this post a FREE e-copy of The Gamma Sequence. If they pop over to my blog, click the Contact Me button, and tell me they heard about it here, I’ll email them a link that will download the book i any format they choose.

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