#Openbook : Open book blog hop – 18 November


How many hours a day do you write? How long on average does it take you to write a book?

I work full time during the week, maintain my blogs and also look after my family, in particular, I assist Michael with his homework. As a result the word hours in “How many hours a day do you write?” is not even a remote possibility for me during the working week. I snatch time to write by making 30 minutes here, and on a very good day, an hour there. I write when I get the chance and I am not fussy about the where of it either.

I can  write anywhere including in my car while waiting for children to finish school, on an aeroplane while travelling, during my lunch hour if my work load isn’t unduly heavy and any other conceivable place you can think of. I am also not overly concerned about the tool I use for my writing and, although I prefer to write using my laptop, I sometimes use my cell phone to write poems and little passages that come to mind or write them down on bits of paper, or, if I am particularly organised that day, in a writing book.

On Saturdays and Sundays I usually write from 6 am to 8 am and then again later in the day, if possible. I usually manage to write between 3 000 and 4 000 words on a weekend, depending on how much research is required. I aim for about an additional 500 words at least three days a week. That amounts to approximately 4 500 to 5 500 words per week.

As a result, a book takes me between five and six months to write and then another five to six months to edit and finalise for publishing. My aim is to publish one novel per year. I have also, to date, published one children’s picture book per years. These picture books comprise my Sir Chocolate picture and recipe books and are fairly short. The time saved with the writing, however, is used up through the making and photographing of the cake and fondant art  illustrations.

Writing is not my source of income, it is something I currently do for pleasure so I can’t devote any more time and effort to it than the stated 5 000 words per week. My work job sometimes extends to a nine or ten hour day and also weekend work and that has to take precedence over writing, as do my children’s needs.

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29 thoughts on “#Openbook : Open book blog hop – 18 November

  1. It is amazing that you have found the time to write despite your schedule. Kudos to you. However, it is very demotivating for full-time writers who make little or no money from writing. Guess the motivation needs to come from within. Can I get your children’s picture books in the library or local stores?

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  2. I can only write at home on my computer in peace and quiet, but like you I only publish one or two books per year. I don’t rush anymore to get them out. Well done for writing in between looking after your family. I only started writing when my sons left home.

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