Meet the Poet: Kaye Lynn Booth

Colleen Chesebro interviews Kaye Lynne Booth, publisher and co-editor of Poetry Treasures 3: Passions. A link to my recent Meet the Poet post is also included in the post. Thank you, Colleen, and happy birthday.

Word Craft Poetry

Welcome toMeet the Poet, a Word Craft Poetry feature written to introduce you to the poets in our writing community.

This is a way to get to know more about the poets and their work. Many of our poets have written both fiction and non-fiction and published and self-published their works.

Some of our poets are also artists, crafting their magic through watercolors or other artistic means along with the written word. There are even a few musicians in our poetic community!

At least once a month, I’ll be introducing you to the poets in our community! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and meet the poet!

Our guest today is Kaye Lynn Booth. She’s the other half of the Poetry Treasures publishing duo, along with Robbie Cheadle. You can read Robbie’s Meet the Poet interview below:

For Kaye Lynne Booth, writing is her passion…

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