Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors, autumn flowers and a poem

When I was in Budapest in 2019, I took a few random pictures of doors. I particularly like the ornate gate featuring the birds. You can join in Thursday Doors here:

Autumn flowers

The cosmos is out in our local park. This means that autumn is official here. I love the cosmos and went to the park to take pictures yesterday late afternoon.

A Poem – The Vanishing Knight

This poem could be about my life but it is more likely to be entirely fictional – smile! I wrote the poem to go with a drawing of an older man’s profile I did in charcoal.

My dream

of a man

a knight

on a white charger

has diminished

whittled away

day by day


when endured daily

and all alone

with a full-time job

and a sick child

for years and years

does that

Chronic illness

never part

of the fairy tale

Joint bread winners

but not

joint caregivers,

joint cleaners,

joint washers, or

joint ironers

Snow White

looked lovely

in an apron

me …

not so much


unexpected illness

over 45 peril

induced by

lifestyle choices


Leads to …

time in hospital

blood tests


doctors visits

Poor health

dissolves the strength

of the carer

and the cared for

creates dependency


all that’s left

is another child

What happened

to the dreamy knight

on the white charger?

by Robbie Cheadle

66 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors, autumn flowers and a poem

  1. Robbie, my wife and I were in Budapest in 2018 and loved the vitality and eagerness to modernize – which made the classic doors all the more impressive…also, that is a powerful poem…

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  2. Powerful poem, Robbie, and your doors are amazing. I especially love the birds on the gate. I’m not surprised that you’re an artist, as well as incredible writer, poet, baker, dancer, and so much more. You astound me. Bravo! 😊

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    1. Hi Gwen, that poem just arrived in my head yesterday. Although written in the first person, I think it reflects the lot of women (still). Your comment made me smile. My mom said something similar. We started art classes together two weeks ago. Such fun 😊

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  3. The doors are great, especially the metal work. The poem is amazing. We never know what tomorrow will bring. The cosmos are very pretty. We have similar looking flowers, but I’ve never seen a field of flowers like that.

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  4. I also love that gate, so ornate, yet functional. Your poem is amazing and I can see the similarities to all you have faced in your life. You are moving into autumn, I am looking forward to spring when I get home in ten days.

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      1. I believe that’s correct. Although, interestingly, my father did change his opinions about women working–he was surprised, he said, to find women were just as competent as men (!). He originally thought he could never work for a woman. Not that that changed the fact that my mother did all the household work as well as working outside the home…

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  5. You are an extremely talented artist, Roberta. The sketch is so enigmatic. I love it!
    And your poem reads like a tidal wave that rises, rises in intensity, then washes over you to leave a surprisingly calm sea behind. Well done.
    Hope all is well.

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  6. Fabulous photos of your time in Budapest, Robbie. Cosmos is one of my favourites because they seem to flourish within community. Your poem – “The Vanishing Knight” – gave me pause. Your profound thoughts on transitions from dreams and domesticity to bread winners and caregivers and finally to dependency came through brilliantly. Marriage is a journey that has many twists and turns. Many thanks for the gift of your poetry.

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  7. I like the ornate gate with what look like peacocks. The flowers are absolutely delightful. Good thing we have the gift of beautiful flowers growing from the earth. Your poem is very real. The dreamy knight always has a flaw or two – some minor, some big flaws. But the flowers still grow, regardless.

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  8. Your poem is so moving, Robbie. Thinking back, this is probably one of my favorites for the depth of emotion. It really is stunning, my friend. Lovely doors (wow, a gorgeous gate!) and wonderful flowers. I hope your autumn is peaceful. ❤

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