Roberta Writes: Sunday Stills, Birds & Vocal, Time Capsule Haikus

I have entered the Time Capsule Haiku challenge on Vocal. You can read my four haiku as indicated below:

Lost Youth:
Little Knowledge:
Role reversal:
River of tears:

Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge is birds. I love birds and here are a few of my photographs:

This is Eleanor – She is sitting on her favourite tree stump
If I remember correctly, this is a Hammerhead
My fondant Roc from Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Crystal Caves story and cookbook
Bird cake I made for Mr Fox (hubby’s) birthday some time ago. It features an eagle on its nest, a peacock, a barnowl, a green Knysna loerie, and a woodpecker
Fondant woodpecker

You can join in Sunday Stills here:

54 thoughts on “Roberta Writes: Sunday Stills, Birds & Vocal, Time Capsule Haikus

  1. Wonderful poetry, Robbie! Those birds are so exotic looking! I’ve never seen a bird with a hammerhead–so unusual! But your fondant birds steal the show! That eagle looks awesome, as do all of your little critters! Great to see your post for Sunday Stills!

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  2. Wow! What incredible baking! I can bake, but I never got to the fancy stuff, maybe because I don’t like EATING icing. But your stuff is too beautiful to eat. I would feel like a murderer lopping off the head of one of your creations!

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          1. That is an interesting question, Marsha. In my view, you must always have a balance in life. We need to work to have a good quality of living but we don’t need to overwork to have an life of excess and unnecessary luxury. So I work and do what I need to, as well as I can, but I put my spare time and excess energy into artistic endeavors that make me rich in happiness and not money. Does my husband view life the same way I do, probably not, but that is up to him. He does follow me prancing about all over the country side in pursuit of hippos and marsh birds – haha!

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          2. That sounds like so much fun, Robbie. I think your artistic endeavors bring fun, not just to you, but to everyone who gets to see them. I know I love them. 🙂

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