Dark Origins – Myths and legends of the Shona People #Shona #Zimbabwe #stonesculpture

This is my last post for 2022 and it shares some of the myths and legends of the Shona people of southern Africa. Thank you to Kaye Lynne Booth for hosting. Wishing everyone a happy holiday period and a Merry Christmas.

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The Shona people are part of the Bantu ethnic group native to Southern Africa. The primary home of the Shona is Zimbabwe, where they are the majority ethnic group, as well as Mozambique and South Africa.

There are five major Shona language groupings/dialects as follows: Karanga, Zezuru, Korekore, Manyika, and Ndau.

Creation story

The Shona creation story goes as follows:

“God (Mwari) created the first man, Mwedzi (the moon) in a great depth of water. Mwedzi became lonely and yearned to live on land. Despite Mwari’s warnings, he insisted on being released to the earth. Once there, he found that the earth was indeed a lonely and desolate placeand begged Mwari for a partner. Mwarisent him morning star (Hweva / Massassi) and the couple gave birth to all the vegetation on earth. After a period of two years, the lovers were separated, leaving Mwedzi desolate once again. He petitioned…

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