Roberta Writes – Peacock romance, a poem @poem @peacocks @Africa

I am a great lover of birds and have recently published a fictionalised account of a bird I raised as a girl called The Christmas Bird. It is a micro read of 5 600 words and is aimed at children.

Revisiting my memories of raising a Hoopoe bird, triggered memories of a small part of a peacock romance I witnessed while visiting the Drakensburg in September 2020. That was our first trip away anywhere that year of lockdowns and Covid. I wrote that memory into this 99 syllable poem.

Peacock romance

Dowdy and plain in brown,

she stands and watches,

her prospective mate as he crosses the lawn,

blissfully unaware,

of her thoughtful stare.

He cuts a fine figure,

resplendent in blue,

this despite his splendid tail dragging behind

Glancing up, he spots her,

it’s love at first sight

In a show of interest,

she descends the stairs,

Passion ignited, his tail spreads out fanlike,

Overwhelmed, he takes off,

with her in pursuit.

Image by Teagan

My good blogging friend, Teagan Riordain Geneviene, is also a bird lover. She recently hosted a book fair that featured books that had birds as characters or supporting characters. You can visit Teagan’s lovely post here:

62 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Peacock romance, a poem @poem @peacocks @Africa

  1. Peacocks have always fascinated me the male of the species is always the most flamboyant of birds it must have been great to watch them…after reading your poem I now have an image of the lady in pursuit…smile…x

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          1. They are not doing Laurens bone infusions until after Christmas they are recommencing the tummy implants and the other treatment and monitoring her but waiting on the BRCA results as if positive it will change the treatment required…its like a merry go round xx

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  2. I liked this one a lot, Robbie. I smiled at the “blissfully unaware” male peacock. Why should the bird world be any different than the human version? 🤣🤣🤣

    Is the Christmas Bird available for purchase yet?

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