Dark Origins – Myths and legends of the Khoikhoi (previously Hottentots)

My November Dark Origins post features the Khoikhoi (previously Hottentots) who, together with the San (previously Bushmen) are the first people of South Africa. I have also shared a traditional Khoikhoi myth called The Night Walkers. Thanks for hosting Kaye Lynne Booth.

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At the time when European settlement began, the Khoikhoi were settled in modern day Namibia, the north-eastern Cape and the south-western Cape. The name Khoikhoi means “real people” or “men of men”. The Khoikhoi are closely related to the San (Bushmen) and are sometimes referred to together as Khoisan. There is a theory that the Khoikho and the San were once the same race. The Khoikhoi broke away to raise cattle, build huts and lead a pastoral life while the San remained true to the wilderness and the elements.

The Khoikhoi were nomadic, moving around in search of grazing land for their animals which consisted mainly of goats, cattle and sheep. They also manufactured animal skins into clothing, bags and blankets and used reeds to make sleeping mats and mats to cover their round and mobile homes. The Khoikhoi also made pottery which could be tied to their oxen…

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