Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: A trip to the hospital, a poem and a micro read #hospital #microread #poem

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This has been another surreal week. On Tuesday, exactly four weeks after the previous repeat surgery on Michael’s sinuses, he underwent another procedure. The surgery last year failed because he is getting significant post operative cartilage overgrowth and scar tissue build ups. This has the effect of completely blocking the artificial drainage openings that the surgery created. This results in complete surgical failure over time.

Last year, when Michael had surgery, he was given very high doses of cortisone to try to break the autoimmune overgrowth response. He was also on an antibiotic for three months until January this year. This treatment worked until July when he had the first sinus infection in six months. He had sinus infections in August and late September. The antibiotic treatment for the most recent infection failed dismally and that is why we had to go the surgery route. Cortisone is no longer an option for Michael as the last lot caused high blood pressure issues.

Within four days of the operation, the doctor was already seeing scar tissue formation on the right hand side. We went onto an aggressive home treatment programme of steaming over boiling water and then douching with a saline solution before using cortisone nasules in both nostrils and an antibacterial nasal cream. Michael also had a second course of strong antibiotics. We did this for two weeks, but on Sunday, 6 November, the doctor admitted defeat. The right hand drainage had closed up completely and there was nothing he could do about it outside of surgery. Further surgery was booked for this week Tuesday and the plan was to reopen the drainage, clear out the infection that has formed behind the barrier, and then insert a stent to keep it open which it healed. The procedures should have taken about 1 hour.

The operation took 3-hours which was rather disconcerting because we didn’t know why it was taking so long until afterwards. during the week and two days from Sunday, 6 November, the left hand drainage had also started to close up with scar tissue and there was some infection in the left sinus as well. The doctor reopened both sides, removed all the scar tissue and infection, and inserted 6 stents, 3 on each side. Two were sponges soaked in cortisone and covered in plastic which were inserted into the sinus cavity to reduce inflammation and hold the area open. These ones came out today. It was a bit shocking watching them being pulled out. A bit like a Stephen King horror movie watching these egg-shaped wads coming out of his nose. Like giving birth to a small reptile eggs – shudder! I read to much paranormal!

The other 4 stents stay in until Tuesday next week and then the homecare programme starts again. Whew! Anyhow, the doctor was pleased with how everything looked today so that is a big plus.

These are a few of the doors from the hospital ward:

This is the view of Sandton from the ward window. It was at sunset and you can see the sunlight reflection off the glass fronted buildings.

A poem – Dragonfly strike

I haven’t been able to write any poetry since Michael first got sick again six weeks ago. Today, I managed to break through the barricade. Okay, its about a dragonfly eating a butterfly but still, progress is progress [smile].

Blissfully unaware

the butterfly lands

pale wings fluttering, she sucks from the flower

multifaceted eyes

watch with interest


Appetite satisfied

butterfly takes off

a whoosh of transparent wings; it disappears

the oblivious prey

of the dragonfly


An aggressive hunter

it resumes the search

for any unwary insect, pest or not

agility and speed

ensuring success

A new children’s book – Micro read

I have been experimenting with formatting my children’s books to improve the digital formats. I am not at all happy with the ebooks from and would prefer to publish any ebooks I create through Kindle Direct Publishing. This micro-read, The Christmas Bird, is my first attempt at this form of publishing. The story is 5,600 words long and is also available for free through Kindle Direct.

I am pleased with how it turned out. If you’d like to take a look and are subscribed to Kindle Direct, you can do so here: You can also purchase it for $1.14 which is the cheapest I can get on Amazon. This is an old fashioned Christmas story so no cell phones or fast paced action, but I am fond of it. It is semi autobiographic.

My highly creative friend, Teagan Riordain Geneviene, created the cover. Teagan has a wonderful new book, A Peril in Ectoplasm, Just Once More available and you can read more about it here:

142 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: A trip to the hospital, a poem and a micro read #hospital #microread #poem

  1. I am sending loads of love and light to Michael, your family, and the medical professionals! Angels attend. Just bought your book!! (how exciting) Oh, those doors remind me all too much of the nursing facility I was in. Love the poem. Turning to my creative side, always brings, much-needed balance!

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    1. HI Annette, thank you for your endless love and support. I hate being in hospitals. It is so wearying. Writing and reading are my life savers at the moment. Hugs. PS I hope you enjoy The Christmas Bird and thanks for reading it. It is about a real period in my life although a little more A Christmas Carol-y than real life.

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  2. So sorry, Robbie, about Michael’s continuing medical issues and complications. Just a terrible situation. Fingers crossed that his latest surgery will be a long-term solution, and that Michael has good health — and that he, you, and the rest of your family have less stress — in the future.

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  3. I hope this operation will be successful. Will any of the stents remain, or will they all be removed eventually? I was interested to read about your experience with Lulu. I have the first two books in my series up there in paperback. I got copies to review and I was pleased, but I didn’t try making an eBook available. I only did anything at all for the people who don’t want to buy from Amazon. The KDP version looks good, as does Teagan’s cover. Her recent book was very good reading.

    Good luck and good wishes for Michael. I hope you all have a nice weekend.

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  4. I am sorry Michael has had such painful surgeries Robbie. Sending you big hugs to cope through those moments of waiting and hoping. I can understand a mom’s anguish. Wishing Michael good health and speedy recovery.

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  5. Oh my goodness, Robbie. Michael has had a rough time, which means Mom has had a rough time, too. Here’s hoping for success this time. Love the cover of the new micro-read! Heading off to check it out!

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  6. Fingers crossed things keep getting better and there are no further issues. It must be really tough for all of you, so I’m not surprised you found it difficult to write poems. The new book looks gorgeous (great cover by Teagan, a woman of many talents, as we all know), and I hope the new format works well for you, Robbie. Best wishes for the whole family and thanks for giving us an update. ♥

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  7. That three hour wait must have been torture, and frightening, too. So sorry to hear about the catalogue of failed treatments. Michael must dread these hospital visits – but the discomfort from his blocked sinuses must be worse. Here’s to a properly successful outcome this time. Love and healing over the ether to both of you. xx

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  8. Oh my goodness, Michael and you have been through so much. I sure hope this works out for him. I didn’t realize dragonflies ate butterflies, I am so sad. I will have to check out that book Robbie, I love the cover.

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  9. Bloody hell, Robbie you guys must feel like punch bags. It must be hell for Michael, and you but also Terrance and not forgetting your other son who must be discombobulated by everything too. I do hope this procedure works. Keep sane!

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  10. Geoff put it well, Robbie. All of you must really feel like punching bags in more ways than one. Thanks for taking time to update us on Michael. I’ve had enough sinus trouble that I cringe thinking of the things you’ve described in this update and others of the past. Just remember that you have to take care of yourself too, or you won’t be able to take care of them.
    Heartfelt thanks for mentioning A Peril in Ectoplasm and providing the link. ❤
    I went ahead and shared your announcement about The Christmas Bird at my blog.

    New Micro-Read from Robbie Cheadle

    Wishing all of you health, contentment, and success. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. HI Teagan, I am sorry you are also a sinus sufferer. There are so many people who have sinus issues, sometimes I think the human design is a little dodgy. I am delighted to share about your latest book which I really enjoyed. Thank you for your support. I’m coming over to read and share now.

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  11. As a longtime sufferer of sinusitis (I’m on week #3 of a sinus infection right now), I have a call into my doctor because I’ve decided I’ve gotten to the point where this is affecting the quality of my life. I used to get these long ones in the winter almost every school year that took forever to get over. They usually were associated with a cold, infection, fever, and other things. This time it’s nothing but almost constant pressure. I drink lots of liquids, take long steam showers, and use a Neti Pot, which seems to provide me temporary relief. Today is a bit better, but it’s bad enough it’s affecting my sleep.

    I’m so sorry that Michael and you and your husband have had to endure all this. It makes me hesitate to look at surgery as an option.

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    1. HI Pete, Michael’s situation is not standard at all. Lots of people have successful sinus operations. He is just unlucky as he has a superbug from all the years of infections that did not go away completely. If we’d known earlier about his structural problems, we could have had the surgery earlier and avoided the superbug and biofilm which are causing all this trouble. Wishing you all the best, Pete. Sinus is awful.

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  12. What an utter nightmare for you and Micheal. Those operations always lead to growth. Mum had them years ago and she said it made things worse. But now with daily sinus rise twice a day and flixonose nasal drop. She manages it well.

    Mum pacemaker op last Thursday lead Mum to stay in hospital with internal bleeding. We had to go to a&e on Monday. She is back hone. And we should get a follow xray to check we r on right path.

    Your poem and micro reads are lovely.

    Great selection of hospital doors.

    All the best to you and Michael. I hope and pray it becomes stable and well controlled from this day forward forever.

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    1. HI Bella, I’m sorry to hear your mom had complications with her surgery again. I remember the problems last year. You and I seem to have health problems with our loved ones at this time of year. Wishing her a speedy recovery and strength to you, Bella.

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  13. Oh my!
    Dear Roberta,
    I send my most earnest wishes for your son to get well soon!
    You must be exhausted.

    Funny, but today I went through your books to see if there was a Christmas Book.
    It’s great to see you wrote one.
    The cover is fabulous…love it.

    Take care!!!!!!

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    1. HI Resa, The Christmas Bird is a short story for older children and doesn’t have pictures in it. I am actually finalising a Sir Choc Christmas story which I will publish as an ebook in the same way at the end of the month. These books are a bit of fun for me and an experiment with using KDP. So far, it is easy enough and I’m pleased with the outcome. Teagan’s designs are always amazing.

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  14. Poor Michael! My claustrophobic soul shudders at the thought of his nose getting closed off that way- ugh! Is he in much pain? Sending both of you hugs and healing prayers.
    Your cover is beautiful. I’m off to get a copy now.

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    1. Hi Jacquie, thank you, Teagan created a beautiful cover and this short story is an experiment. I was quite pleased that everything turned out to be relatively easy, so I feel confident to publish my novella, The Creeping Change early next year using this method. It is uncomfortable having the stents but each day that passes is one closer to getting them out. Have a lovely weekend.

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  15. Hi Robbie,

    I’m so sorry to hear this and I’m sending my love, blessings and healing to Michael as I write this. I know the worry and pain when our children suffer and I too, hate hospitals. My heart aches for you all. I remember after having my son at home, he got a fever 8 days later and his pediatrician insisted he go to the hospital. It was the worst and I refused the spinal tap they wanted to give it to him to make sure he didn’t have meningitis. Sometimes I shutter at my brazen attitude NOW. But then, I felt it in my bones that he was fine.

    Keep the faith, keep asking questions, check in with natural paths, homeopaths etc. Often it’s reaching out to other modes of treatment and faith to his care team or finding new ones.
    I just want you to know that I am here for you as so many of your friends are.
    I love Teagan’s review and her art. Congratulations on your book!
    You inspire me! ❣️

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    1. Hi Cindy, thank you for your uplifting words, I appreciate them. My sister’s son, my nephew, was very sick at three weeks old and they did do a spinal tap. It is difficult for new mothers to know what is best and we tend to trust doctors who should know more than us about these matters. Unfortunately, Michael’s problem stems from a structural deformity of the sinuses. He was born with no drainage on the left hand side. It took six years for the doctors to work out what was wrong after dozens of sinus and eye infections. I took him everywhere, from homeopaths to ophthalmologists. At least we know what’s wrong now and we move closer and closer to a solution with each step we take. Teagan is very talented with writing and artwork. This little book is a bit of fun for me. A change from heavy writing and poetry. Have a lovely weekend, Cindy.

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      1. You’re sooo welcome Robbie.
        It’s never easy making these decisions when our “babies”. (no matter how old), are at risk. We often do exactly that and it’s so tough when we are so vulnerable.
        I can only imagine all of the places you’ve been and how disconcerting it all much be. I do hope in time more and more is discovered with long lasting solutions. I’m delighted to know you are at least on the right track!
        I will continue to send healing and light which can only help.
        Tegan is soooo talented alright. How nice to have a fun change for you!!! Happy to hear that. I will and you do the same! ❣️

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  16. I’m sorry things are not going well for Michael I can only hope you will turn a corner soon and begin the long road to recovery. I wish you well with the micro-fiction. Thank you for a wonderful article to read.

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  17. Sorry to hear about the struggles your son is having with his sinuses. I hope this surgery works out for him. Sending healing hugs his way.
    I love the poem and beautiful book cover! I picked up my copy and it will be my next read. Xo

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  18. Hi Robbie, I am so sorry for all the pain Michael has gone through, along with his family. But I’m glad you were able to break the barrier and write a poem, a fabulous poem! And I hope his (and your) suffering comes to an end very soon; it’s good the doctors seem optimistic. Your Christmas book sounds delightful so I will check it out and the cover is beautiful. Congrats to you and Teagan! Sending lots of love and hugs your way. ❤️

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  19. Continued successes with Michaels recovery. I remember when my own sons had their different bouts with the medical community. In some cases doctors of the same office not agreeing on treatment. And then when I had was the one responsible for a large chunck of my MIL’s care – Daily visits after surgery…

    My own pitfalls seem minor. But I did tell my primary care Dr about my ‘test’ episode. I finally got the results (negative)… and wrote to both of the other companies involved to tell them I wasn’t happy with their procedures. I haven’t heard any reply from either of them.

    I was not aware that dragonflies ate butterflies… I was not at the creek at the right time this year to see damselflies/darning needles or Dragonflies. But I am sure they were around.


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  20. I’m so sorry Michael has had to go through such a terrible ordeal! My husband David has sinus surgery a few years ago to remove several polyps and that was bad enough without complications. The poem makes me think about enjoying life with a reasonable amount of watching the skies. Interesting children’s book idea. Having raised a baby bird successfully to release, I’m hoping the girls have similar success. Healing thoughts and prayers are on the way for Michael.

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    1. Hi JoAnna, sinus issues are huge, it seems. So many readers have shared their stories. One of those areas of medicine that everyone struggles with. The story of the Hoopoe is a real one. We raised a dove as well but Hoopie story was the most interesting one. Fascinating birds.

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