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This week I am taking a small detour home and showcasing my creepy dolls collection at the request of talented author, Teri Polen, who is currently hosting #BadMoonRising for Halloween 2022. Next week, I will share my pictures of the Charles Herman Bosman Living Literacy Museum in Groot Marico.

One of Teri’s optional questions for #BadMoonRising is Would you buy a doll that you knew was haunted?

A few authors chose to answer this question:

I would never even touch a doll that I knew had a haunting history. I get creeped out by dolls when I see them in people’s homes. I think I invested too much emotion in the movie that featured Chucky. When I see a collection of dolls watching from some shelves or, heaven forbid, a bed, I want to run for the door. I don’t understand why folks collect dolls, and I’m sure they have their reasons but am grateful that no one I know has them. John Howell – you can read the rest of this post here:

Not only NO but Hell No! Why invite trouble when life is hard enough! I might try to find a way to destroy the haunted doll and release the spirit, but I’d never knowingly bring one into my home. Jan Sikes

What, are people nuts? Who’d buy a haunted doll? See now, THIS is how horror stories get written! Priscilla Bettis

No. Dolls creep me out. Now, if a Funko Pop was haunted but worth money, I might be tempted. My mother has a collection of really creepy dolls and she says they sometimes move from room to room. No thank you. Armand Rosamilia –

I didn’t chose this question because I have a huge collection of creepy dolls that I don’t find remotely creepy.

My post discussed my favourite Stephen King novel, The Shining, and shares some great quotes:

I told Teri I’d share some pictures of my dollies so here they are, all safely enclosed behind the doors of my doll cabinets.

Do you find dolls creepy? Have you ever seen one walking around brandishing a steak knife or dancing the the lounge at midnight? Would you like too?

62 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors #cabinets #creepydolls #BadMoonRising

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a haunted doll – if I did I suppose I’d buy a priest doll and make him perform an exorcism! I have only two dolls in my house – one is porcelain and the other is wooden. I have a thing about plastic toys.

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  2. These dolls actually don’t look at all creepy to me. My daughters still have a few of their childhood baby dolls, one of whom was once mistaken for a real baby.
    I’ve always liked dolls, and have made a few of my own. I do think they have spirits of their own, but I’ve never seen one doing anything malevolent.

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  3. Great post. Wonderful collection and lovely (closed) doors. I might be tempted to add a bit of chain and a good sturdy lock, but the displays are beautiful and I love the furniture. Thanks for sharing these lovelies with Thursday Doors, Robbie.

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    1. HI Dan, I am glad you like my cabinets, I picked each one specially after days of looking around. I always look for dolls when I travel and have more than those I’ve shared here. I hope I get a nice daughter-in-law to pass them on to one day.

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  4. What a fun post, Robbie. I don’t find your dolls creepy at all. Dolls provide children with ways to practice caring behaviors and compassion, so I used to encourage doll-play in preschools. I still have my doll collection, though they’re now carefully packed away. ❤ ❤

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    1. HI Diana, I always played with dolls. I had my rag doll for years and years. My mom gave her away to one of my nieces and she was destroyed. I was quite upset about it. Amazingly, I met an elderly woman at a Christmas market about six years ago. She had the exact pattern for my rag doll and she made me four dolls. I keep those in their own cabinet with my bears. I am glad to know you have your dolls.

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  5. This is a wonderful post, Robbie. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your doll collection. But I had no idea the cabinets were so gorgeous! Great way to add doors to the post too. 😉
    I’ve been getting a kick out of all the Haunted Doll answers at Bad Moon Rising. Thanks for collecting them here. I really enjoyed this. Hugs on the wing.

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  6. Your doll collection is beautiful, Robbie. Dolls don’t creep me out, but I do remember those scary movies from the past. And I haven’t seen any walking around lately, brandishing a steak knife or not. 🙂 But I’ve never been into them either. When I was young, I loved Barbies, and I still have all of my original that my daughter played with when she was little. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them.
    Thanks for sharing. This is a great post!

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    1. How lovely that you have your original Barbies. I had Cindy dolls when I was young and rag dolls. I also had a first love doll. We moved 21 times and they disappeared over the years. My mom has my second youngest sister’s Barrie collection. She is 8 years younger than me.

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      1. That is very special, too, Robbie. To keep any keepsakes over the years is precious, but yes, some do disappear from home to home. My parents moved about 16 times in their lifetime. Some while my sisters and I lived at home, and others after we were on our own. We never quite understood why, but our conclusion is that they loved the excitement of starting over in a new place. We never really got a straight answer, and they have both since passed away. Water under the bridge, as they say. Anyway, have a great day…

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  7. I’m so glad you left this like in your response, Robbie – still getting caught up on blog posts. Wow – what a collection! Dolls don’t creep me out, but they sure bother my boys. You even have a few that I remember being in my MIL’s collection. Some of yours are really beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

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