Thursday Doors – A visit to Groot Marico #poetry #HermanCharlesBosman #smalltown

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On our way to Tau Game Lodge during our August mini-break, we stopped for one night in a small town called Groot Marico. This town is known for two things, mampoer (moonshine) and the stories written by South Africa’s most famous short story writer, Herman Charles Bosman. These stories are all set in Groot Marico in the early 1900s. Herman Charles Bosman lived in Groot Marico and taught at the local school for about 9 months in 1926 before he was jailed for the murder of his step brother. He was sentenced to death at the age of 21 but later a reprieve was granted and his sentence was mitigated to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour, of which he served four and a half years before he was released. It is believed that he did not murder his stepbrother, but shot him by accident thinking he was an intruder.

The town has an information centre with some interesting artworks and there is a replica of the school house where Bosman taught. It was moved, brick by brick, for its original location to the site of the HC Bosman Living Museum. I will share about this museum at a later date.

Today, I am sharing my pictures of this small farming town in the North-West province of South Africa.

I purchased an out-of-print copy of Wild Seed, a collection of poetry by Herman Charles Bosman that I have been trying to acquire for a long while. I was very pleased to find a copy and snapped it up.

This YouTube video is of me reading one of his poems, Ghosts:

If you are interested in what’s happening on my children’s books front, Michael and I have a new book, Haunted Halloween Holiday.

Talented author, CS Boyack, showcased it for us on Monday this week and you can take a peek here:

Craig has also got a great new Halloween release called The Midnight Rambler, part of his popular The Hat series. You can read about it here:

38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – A visit to Groot Marico #poetry #HermanCharlesBosman #smalltown

  1. I’m not sure how I missed this, Robbie. Sorry to be arriving so late. I like the look of this little town, and I appreciate its history. I also enjoy your reading of the poem (I always enjoy that).

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    1. Hi Dan, I think I may have forgotten to leave the link for you so please don’t apologise. I have had a very hectic two weeks work wise with a big transaction in it final stages so that is my excuse [smile]. I am glad you enjoyed this post and the reading. I enjoyed this peek into small town farming life in South Africa.

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  2. A fascinating piece of history, Robbie. I’m assuming that Bosman’s poetry captured the country’s attention after his release from prison. What a story. I love it that you found his book, and it was a delight to hear you read. ❤ ❤


  3. I enjoyed your post. The small town reminds me of old west small towns – maybe even just some small shore towns. Continued success on all the books you and your family are producing 🙂

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