Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: A visit to Park Care Centre

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On 9 September, the Corporate Social Initiatives Committee of my division at work organised to host a tea for spring day at Park Care Centre. It was a lovely morning, and the residents and attendees from my firm really enjoyed themselves. A drumming activity was arranged to entertain the residence as well as a DJ who supplied the music.

I was lovely to see how the residence visibly brightened and entered the festivities over the 2 hour course of the event.

I always think about my involvement in community service as my mental doorway to hope.

About Park Care Centre

Park Care Centre, established 1961, provides comprehensive-Holistic Chronic-24-hr residential Nursing-Care, and Palliative-(end-of-life)-Care to 320 predominantly older, mainly chronically sick/frail individuals.

215 of total of 320 Residents are of poor/sub-economic status and sponsored by Park Care.

The resident population consists of persons of diverse backgrounds, racial groups, languages, religions, cultures and income groups.

24hr Long-term Specialist-&-Professional Nursing Services are provided by Professional Nursing Sisters, Proficient Staff Nurses & Enrolled Nurses plus Trained Care Workers (permanent and contract workers) to 320 residents with conditions like:

Age-related general-frailty Cancer

Traumatic-Brain-Injuries Diabetes

Parkinson’s-Disease Multiple-Sclerosis

Depression Bipolar-Disorders

Stroke Dementia/Alzheimer’s-Disease

Post-Operative Care

Genetic-Disorders eg. Huntington’s & Motor Neuron Disease

Permanent-Comas; Persons with tracheas and tube feeding

I didn’t specifically focus on taking pictures of doors, but some of my pictures had the front door in them.

Preparing the tea – front door in the background
Here are the KPMG helpers who attended the event
Residents having their tea

This is a short video of some of my team members dancing and drumming with the residents. You can see the front door clearly in both:

47 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: A visit to Park Care Centre

  1. What an uplifting post, Robbie. This is a perfect example of the inclusive meaning of ‘door’ that I look forward to on Thursdays. I also feel a little bit of pride from my previous (long ago) association with KPMG. Bringing happiness to others, letting them know that there are people who care about them. That is a wonderful service. Thank you for participating and thank you for sharing this post with us.

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  2. How wonderful to help organize an event like this Robbie. It clearly boosted their spirits. I used to be part of a singing group that visited hospitals and nursing homes. It was touching to see how much the residents enjoyed the interaction, and sad too at how starved they were for attention and interaction.

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