#WordCrafters #Book #BlogTour For “Refracted Reflections” – Includes A #Giveaway + #Review

Thank you to children’s book author and poet, Victoria Zigler, for hosting my stop on the Refracted Reflections book book.

Today is my stop on the blog tour for “Refracted Reflections” and I have a guest post for you from one of the authors, Roberta Eaton Cheadle, along with a giveaway and my review of the book.  So, over to you, Robbie.

 Inspiration for The Nutcracker

My short story contribution to Refracted Reflections is called the Nutcracker. The title, Nutcracker, was intended to be a play on words relating to the psychiatrist in this story who fails to crack the nut (the reference to nut being aligned with the outdated description of an insane person as being as nutty as a fruitcake, which saying was first recorded in 1821) because he is too short-sighted and arrogant to understand the internal conflict that is taking place within his patient.

Irene is chronically depressed due to her guilt over the sixth mass extinction of the animal life on earth and is overwhelmingly anxious due to the increasing symptoms of global warming. Irene, like some other Generation Z youngsters, sees no hope for the future. This feeling of hopelessness among young people appears to be increasing and is most concerning to me.

Dr. Jamison’s inability to reach Irene and understand her inner turmoil is in keeping with her view that Generation X has done nothing to stop global warming or the destruction of the animal kingdom and does not care about improving the world for her generation. His epic failure has tragic consequences for Irene.

The theme of global warming and the sixth mass extinction and its contribution to the mental health problems being experienced by modern youngsters is combined in this piece, with the additional problem of modern medications being used to treat symptoms and not causes, as well as the potential damaging side effects of medications.

My personal experience of medications for anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems are that incorrect dosages or medications can exacerbate depression and cause suicidal thoughts. Parents and patients need to investigate the potential side effects of any medications they are given, and doctors need to be sensitive to the development of negative side effects due to adverse reactions by patients to anxiety and other medications.

This story is set in the Sterkfontein Cave in Magaliesburg, South Africa, and was originally inspired by the deaths of a small group of divers who were investigating the exceptionally deep lake within the cave. The divers went into one of the small, water-filled tunnels branching off from the lake and were not able to find their way back. They are believed to have drowned, but their bodies were never found. When I started writing a short story about the deaths of these divers, my mind took me on a different journey and that was the story I ended up writing.

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25 thoughts on “#WordCrafters #Book #BlogTour For “Refracted Reflections” – Includes A #Giveaway + #Review

  1. This sound like an interesting story with a lot of edges. I’m pretty sure I feel the same way as the patient too, except I blame humanity as a whole and “big business” worldwide for ignoring the obvious need to change their ways in their endless pursuit of more money — and never putting any of that money back INTO the world. I’ll check it out! Thank you!

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  2. A most relevant storyline! I would be depressed about the mass extinction of animal life. Mad as hell, too. If she could go back in time and save them… but that would be too easy a fix. We all have to work harder to save animals and Mother Earth.

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    1. Hi Annette, I am sorry to read this. Mental health issues have always been pushed aside to a point that people have hidden them and felt ashamed of them. Two of my three sisters suffer from mental health problems. One is chronically depressed and the other is OCD. My son Greg is OCD and Michael suffers from depression. I never have and neither has my husband. I think its the world the youngsters live in that leads to chronic depression.

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  3. You make some great points, Robbie. I know the younger generation has a lot to worry about and that depression runs rampant among youth. Your story is most compelling. Thank you for sharing and best wishes!

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    1. HI Jan, this story is based on some of my experiences with the use of anti depressants by family members. Fortunately, I haven’t known anyone personally who has committed suicide as a result, but there have been two youngsters in my firm who took their their own lives due to depression. It is very tragic.


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