Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: Into the lions den #Ukutula #poetry #lions #lioncubs

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Fellow poet, Miriam Hurdle, and I visited Dan at his bar last Saturday. We had a great time talking about our poetry and its inspiration. If you missed it, you can read it here:

Last week, I told you about our visit to the Ukutula Conservation Centre and I shared some pictures from the lodge and a few of the rescue animals. Today, I am sharing pictures of our visit to the research centre and watching lions from a small deck in the middle of the veld.

We passed through this protective gate and entered Lion World.

First, we visited the cubs:

Meet the lion cubs here:

Meet the dads. You don’t want to be up close to the moms – they are the hunters.

Have you ever seen a lion swimming?

You can watch one here:

Have you ever seen a lion in a tree?

You can watch one here:

I wrote another 99-syllable animal poem. It has absolutely nothing to do with lions.

Handbags and shoes

Stagnant, muddy water
Obscures it’s presence
Are those rocks? Look closer; see the baleful eyes
Unmoving it wallows
Waiting patiently

Thirst overwhelming sense
Monkey bounds forward
A single snapping crunch; the crocodile sinks
Its prize will slowly rot
beneath the surface

An unnatural hunter
Squeezes the trigger
Deadly gun terminates the cycle of life
The man smiles toothily
He sees bags and shoes

85 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors: Into the lions den #Ukutula #poetry #lions #lioncubs

  1. It took me a moment to get “Handbags and Shoes,” but I got it in the end! The lions’ grumbling is very full-bodied. I’m wondering if the white lion is an albino or a regular species varition.

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  2. I’m glad you went through that door, Robbie. I loved the videos and your poem brings attention to a sad fact of life that I wish we could find a way to stop. As for not messing with the mothers – I think that might be a universal rule. Thanks again for you support.

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  3. Lucky you Robbie! That Lion swimming looked like it was after something? Is that a albino Lioness at the base of the tree?
    Loved the video Robbie! Maybe shoot horizontally as the aspect ration is far better for viewing.

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  4. Super post, Robbie. Whilst I’m not so sentimental about crocs, I don’t approve of any kind of commercial hunting. Having said that, I have eaten crocodile a couple of times here. Rather that than a pretty bokkie.

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  5. What an incredible trip, Robbie. I love your photos and the video clip. Your poem is powerful and thought-provoking. Well done! 💗

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  6. Hi Robbie – I really enjoyed these pictures. Those cubs look so cuddly but I don’t think I’d want to get too close. Was there a fence between you and them? Looks like you had a fantastic trip!

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  7. I have enjoyed following your amazing adventures via your Instagram and Youtube channel, Robbie. Spectacular photography and unforgettable moments. I loved meeting up with you and Miriam and Dan’s place!!! So much fun!

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  8. Those cubs are so cute, Robbie.
    Your poem is very sad. There are too many hunters with dollar signs in their eyes illegally taking wildlife – a crocodile in your poem, but lions too.

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  9. I love all the photos, Robbie, but those cubs are so adorable. The lions, too, are beautiful creatures, and I’ve never seen a lion swim. 🙂 Your poem is profound and tugged at the heart.

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  10. Wonderful photos of the beautiful lions, Robbie. And the cubs are cute. They don’t look very ferocious in the clip. Lol. Just wait. Your poem is such a stark look at the reality of man’s callousness toward nature’s creatures. Everything is expendable if killing will make money. Wonderfully written and sad.

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    1. HI Diana, thank you for your lovely comment about my poem. I am very pleased you appreciated it’s meaning so well. The lions do look relaxed and comfortable, but I am very aware they are wild animals and need to be treated with respect.

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  11. The lions are beautiful, but so dangerous in the wild. When I was staying at the Kilimanjaro Safari Lodge in Kenya, one of the ladies who worked there was killed by lions one evening as she walked home. They had a collection for her family. All they found was her shoes, and parts of a bloddstained dress.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  12. Yes, a very beautiful posting, and also a great poem. But reading this in sight of the lions, i would become anxious to the maximum. Lol It’s similar like with Wayne’s wonderful photos of bears. They are looking so wonderful, and sometimes you think you see a smile in her face. But we dont know either they are seen us as friends, of have they just in mind how to prepare the next dinner. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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