Roberta Writes – Two reviews of my books

For a period last year, I didn’t share reviews of my books to my blog. I thought it might demonstrate a lack of independence if I did so and some of the book distribution platforms are so focused on independence, they sometimes remove genuine reviews.

I have changed my mind about sharing reviews and so I am sharing two today, as well as my new YT book trailer for A Ghost and His Gold. I’m also sharing the YT book trailer for Through the Nethergate because I like it.

Through the Nethergate

A lovely review by author and blogger, Teri Polen. Teri has some amazing books in the horror and science fiction genres so take a look around while you are over there:

And here is the video in case you missed it:

A Ghost and His Gold

A wonderful review by author and blogger, Rox Burkey, half of the writing duo Breakfield and Burkey. They have a series of techno thrillers called The Enigma Series and also have a number of lovely short stories. You will find links and details on Rox’s delightful blog:

Here is my smashing new book trailer:

61 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Two reviews of my books

      1. I’m doing a “52 In 22” cooking challenge, and Julia’s original cookbook will be in the stack of the next ten cookbooks I will use…since I’ve made this one before I have to find another of her classics!

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  1. I get where you’re coming from as far as sharing reviews as it may seem like you’re tooting your own horn. On the other hand, how will others find out about your books if you don’t promote them? I think the key is finding a balance. There is no shame in some self-promotion.

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      1. Promoting ourselves is one of the realities of writing, especially as an Indie. The blogs that do nothing but that are a turnoff to me, but I also understand it on some level.


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