Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors : Christmas

This week, Dan has shared pictures of gingerbread houses for Thursday Doors:

Thank you, Dan, for the opportunity for me to showcase a few of my gingerbread and chocolate houses and their doors. I built this Christmas diorama last year because I am quite mad I thought it would be fun and totally underestimated how much work it would be.

Last year’s Christmas diorama
Gingerbread mansion with a pergola and two rose fairies drinking stout [haha – my little joke]
Swiss chalet made from chocolate bars with jelly bean fairies on a seesaw
White chocolate house with a jelly bean fairy on a swing [that swing was a real challenge to make]
Chocolate house with fairies in the swimming pool
Chocolate house with an autumn baby fairy

This next cake is not a Christmas theme, but it is fun and it has a door. It was a modern version of the old woman who lived in a shoe during lockdown with her children home schooling. Notice that mom has a lot of washing to hang out.

A close up of the children home schooling – the blond boy who is asleep with his mouth open is Michael [but don’ tell him – giggle]

75 thoughts on “Roberta Writes – Thursday Doors : Christmas

  1. These are beautiful, Robbie. So much work and such delightful little scenes. I’m afraid that the white chocolate one wouldn’t have survived very long if I had been around. Is the swing made from licorice twists? I hope the fact that you’re here on a Thursday is a sign that your work is easing a bit. I hope you enjoy the weekend.

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      1. I’m sorry to hear you’re still busy, but I guess that’s better than there not being enough work. My experience is quite dated, but being busy in our office was always better than being non-chargible. I hope you’re able to prepare for and enjoy the holidays.

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  2. I built one gingerbread house years ago. It was a lot harder than it was supposed to be — but I’m not really talented in the building department — and the stuff wasn’t really gingerbread, but something closer to piece of brick that has a vague resemblance to having once been something like bread. The house lasted for YEARS. After all that work, I couldn’t throw it away until finally, it began to self-destruct.

    Is this the right place for me to point out that several food stuffs, left on their own, become masonry? Oatmeal becomes grout. Bagels become hockey pucks, but with a Sawzall you could probably reshape them into bricks. Actually, I think cream of wheat would make pretty good cement too.

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    1. Haha, Marilyn, you are so right. All the foods that are good for us would make great building material for real houses. I enjoy making these houses and they don’t last very long … everyone is keen to start eating as this gingerbread recipe is delicious.


  3. Well, I’m sure all those houses were a lot of work, but it made for a terrific blog post. I love them all, especially the fairy on a swing (I never thought of a fairy on a swing before–there might be a story there), but my very favorite is the woman in a shoe. In case you’re interested, somebody actually built something like this that you can actually live in: 🙂

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        1. HI Barbara, they can stay intact for up to two years [if they aren’t eaten], but I don’t keep them. I see no purpose to their existence once the display is finished. I’m a bit like this with my book characters too, when the book is finished they are done and dusted. This is why I don’t think I can write a series. I just lose interest once the ‘fat lady sings’ [do you have this saying in the USA?]

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      1. I’ll try and remember to look them up!
        I remember watching a baking show that featured gingerbread – the bakers were so creative. Some had moving parts and mock stainglass windows. Others even had scenes you could see through open windows!

        Cheers ~Jules

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