Dark Origins – The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson

This month’s Dark Origins post features The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson. This story made a big impact on me as a small girl. Thanks for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth

Writing to be Read

Have you read the story of the red shoes? This is the one fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson’s that I had a lot of trouble understanding as a young girl.


The Red Shoes - Hans Christian Andersen
Picture credit: https://www.voyaprenderingles.com/readings/stories/red-shoes

Karen is a little girl whose family is so poor, she has to wear thick wooden shoes during the winter that chaff her feet and make them red and raw. During the summer months, she goes barefooted. A kindly shoemaker makes Karen a pair of shoes from old scraps of red cloth. The first time Karen wears these shoes is on the day of her mother’s burial. An elderly woman driving past sees the little girl walking after the coffin and takes pity on her. She offers to take Karen into her own home and raise her.

Karen believes her good luck is attributable to the red shoes and develops a passion for shoes in…

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