Thursday Doors – Delta Park

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I am late – like the White Rabbit

The White Rabbit Clipart from Disney's Alice in Wonderland ... - ClipArt… |  Alice in wonderland characters, Alice in wonderland disney, Alice in  wonderland pictures

We have a lovely park near our home. Sometimes, Terence and I go walking in the park. As is is in a residential suburb and is adjacent to several houses, there are a few back yard doors that lead from peoples homes into the park. These pictures were taken in March when the Cosmos was in flower.

Whew! Made it!

White Rabbit pictures -

White Rabbit picture credits:

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47 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Delta Park

    1. The cosmos was particularly prolific this year, Liz, and its so pretty. I deliberately took these pictures so we could remember how lovely it was. Terence doesn’t read my blogs [he doesn’t like his pictures being shared]. What the mind doesn’t know, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

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  1. I love the cartoon images 🙂 The doors and the flowers are beautiful. Crab apples around here are smaller and red. These look fairly large. It is so pretty with the bright color. The pictures n the cosmos are very nice.

    I hope you get some time to relax this weekend.

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    1. Hi Dan, I was lucky and there has been a delay on one project so I didn’t have to work much this weekend. I thought I was going to have to. I worked long hours last week so I’m relieved to have some free time to catch up on my blog and other things. I also have to start studying with Michael. We are learning about bones today.

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  2. Love the doors, the Cosmos, and all the photos, Robbie. And White Rabbit, too. 🙂 I read that you have your skin cancer hat on. You look cute! My husband is a Melanoma surviver, so he has to do the same by wearing a hat and a long sleeved sun shirt. His aunt died of Melanoma, so it’s not something to take lightly. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you, Lauren. I’m glad you like these pictures. This is a lovely park. I have had sun damage on my nose due to serious sunburn my entire childhood. I now protect my fact. Terence had a stage 1 melanoma so he also has to be really careful.

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  3. I’ve looked at the seeds of Cosmos a few times, but I plant my garden with a purpose right now, so Cosmos is not my choice. It’s nice to have backyard doors leading to the park. Lovely photos of you and Terence, Robbie!

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  4. There is a local park that has back yards that ‘face’ it. So really it is the back gates that can access the park. And there are even a couple of different farm houses (still in operation) within the park. The park includes several ponds, a library, a golf course, an indoor roller skating rink, community pool, dog parks, and a few other interesting places along the paths. One is a 911 memorial with an actual piece of one of the towers. There are several area that are wild. I didn’t realize cosmos could grow so tall!


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