Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore Extra – #Anthology – #Paranormal – Where Spirits Linger – Compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth

Thank you to author, poet and prolific blogger, Sally Cronin, for this wonderful post about WordCrafter’s forthcoming anthology, Where Spirits Linger. I am delighted to feature in this anthology with such talented authors. Do take a look while you are over at Sally’s; her blog is amazing.

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Delighted to share the news of the multi-author paranormal anthology on pre-order for September 20th –  Where Spirits Linger compiled by Kaye Lynne Booth who has also contributed a story along with Robbie Cheadle, Stevie Turner, Enid Holden, Sharon Kretcshmerand Crysta Planko.

About the anthology

Spirits linger in strange places for unexpected reasons.

Kaye Lynne Booth’s spirits care and want to be cared for in “The People Upstairs”.

Robbie Cheadle’s spirits have unfinished business in “Listen to Instructions”.

Stevie Turner’s spirits are out for revenge in “David’s Revenge”.

Enid Holden’s spirits linger in a house with a history in “The Chosen Few”.

Sharon Kretcshmer’s spirits linger on a battle field in “The Final Portrait”.

Crysta Planko’s spirits linger in an estate long gone in the winning story, “Olde Tyme Village”.

Pre-order the book:Amazon US – Amazon UK

The Authors and a selection of their books and links

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