A new anthology – Where Spirits Linger

I am delighted to announce that Where Spirits Linger, a new WordCrafter paranormal anthology in which I have a short story, is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Spirits linger in strange places for unexpected reasons.

Kaye Lynne Booth’s spirits care and want to be cared for in “The People Upstairs”.

Robbie Cheadle’s spirits have unfinished business in “Listen to Instructions”.

Stevie Turner’s spirits are out for revenge in “David’s Revenge”.

Enid Holden’s spirits linger in a house with a history in “The Chosen Few”.

Sharon Kretcshmer’s spirits linger on a battle field in “The Final Portrait”.

Crysta Planko’s spirits linger in an estate long gone in the winning story, “Olde Tyme Village”.

Pre-order link

Amazon US

Extract from Listen to Instructions, my short story

“It’s the voice that bothers Jake the most, its high-pitched waver and petulant undertone sear through his head and reverberate along his nervous system. 

An elderly male face of the yellowish-brown colour and wrinkled texture of a dried pear hosts the irritating and persistent voice. There is a calculating look in his dark, rheumy eyes, and his recessive mouth has a discontented downward twist.  

The body to which this face belongs is frail, with bowed legs and a back tipped forwards at a forty-five-degree angle.  

He looks like he’s carrying a heavy load, Jake thinks. I wonder what greedy or selfish action led to him being cursed to wander the no-man’s land, between this life and the next, with a tremendous burden of sin heaped upon him.

7 Illustrations from The Land of Far Beyond by Enid Blyton ideas | enid  blyton, enid, fairy tales
Picture credit: https://za.pinterest.com/sdcc633/illustrations-from-the-land-of-far-beyond-by-enid-/

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