Thursday Doors – Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary, Magaliesberg

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During our recent mini break to Magaliesberg Mountains, we visited the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary. It was a wonderful visit. The monkeys have a very large enclosure to roam and are safe and well fed. They have all sorts of small monkeys and lemurs which are very brazen and come right up to you. One was so enthusiastic he wee’d on my head. My family thought it was hilarious.

Door to the shop. You have to walk through the shop to get to the entrance to the sanctuary.
This is the entrance to the sanctuary

I also took a few short videos of the monkeys.

This first one is the monkeys being fed:

This one is a greedy little fellow trying to grab as much as possible.

This one was just so adorable:

I really adored visiting the monkeys and I could have stayed there all day. They have the cutest little hands and feet and I am glad they are in a safe environment where they can flourish. Unfortunately, there isn’t much room left for the animals with human expansion and intervention so this is the most viable solution for these little guys.

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52 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary, Magaliesberg

  1. I’m glad you had a mini getaway, Robbie. Monkeys are intelligent animals. We went to the Monkey Mountain in Kyoto, Japan. Monkeys use grooming for connection, socialization, and even for promoting their status.

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  2. The door to the shop is formidable. Over here, you usually have to exit through the shop. I love the photos and the videos, Robbie. Sorry about your head. I joined your family in a little laughter.

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    1. Haha, Dan, I think everyone had a laugh at my expense. I don’t mind, I had a dove poop on my head once too – it’s supposed to be lucky. It was a bit unusual to start in the shop but perhaps its because people arrive a little early and browse. The kids are usually a little tired afterwards so parents of young kids probably getting going quickly.

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      1. Hi Pete, we don’t go to zoos. I live in Africa so we get to do the real thing and see them in the wild. We saw a lot of hippos when we went to Ghost Mountain and went on a boat cruise on the Jozini Lake. I’ve also seen them at the Kruger National Park and in the lagoon at St Lucia when we visited the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Living in South Africa has some benefits.

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  3. Looks like all of you enjoyed the trip (pee on head, maybe not the high point). I find it sad, however, that we’ve pushed so many creatures into tight corners and the only way to preserve many of them is to place them in sanctuaries.

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    1. Hi Mark, the pee on head was unforgettable so maybe an upside-down highpoint. It is a shame that the animals have been pushed out. We do have game parks here and they are very big. The Kruger National Park is as big as Israel or Belgium. The animals there live in an entirely natural state, but for this little monkeys they are happy and safe in the sanctuary.

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  4. I’ve visited a couple of Butterfly houses that I wished I could stay in… but talk about humidity!
    I did get some good photos though 😀
    Fun little Monkeys… reminds me that I used to sign “Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed” to my children when they were younger!

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