Thursday Doors – My wedding

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For some reason or other, my wedding was on my mind this week. I thought about it so much that I pulled out my wedding album and looked through it for the first time in quite a while. There were no digital photographs in 2001 so our pictures were the traditional kind with negatives. The photographer never gave us the negatives so we only have the pictures and album we purchased at the time.

I took pictures of the pictures for this post and didn’t think they came out to badly. Terence and I got married at a wedding venue called Toadbury Hall. It was very pretty and the name reminded me of my favourite book, Wind in the Willows. We got married on a Friday because it was a lot cheaper and we paid for our own wedding.

There are two lovely pictures with doors that I thought I would share today.

This is me coming out of the front door of my parent’s home.

This is Terence and I outside the church after the service.

A picture of our minister outside the chapel and our flower girl leading the way

We had sunflowers against a dark blue background. I spend three months talking Terence into sunflowers and dark blue. I then waivered a bit and that was when I discovered that once I’d talked hubby into something, I would never change his mind again.

Our menu and seating plan. I actually forgot to do one and had to be asked for it by the venue. Haha, this was the first event I ever organised in my life.

This was our wedding cake. A basket of sunflowers. I still love it!

This last picture shows the main doors of the venue.

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92 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – My wedding

      1. Not stored right? I wonder if a cleaner can get rid of that. Mine is almost 100 years old and still not yellow but it is packaged tightly. My mother wore it and her sister, my sister, me… Someone needs to take it over!

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  1. You are a lovely couple. What a wonderful array of photos and memories. The first photo is fantastic. Is that your mom or sister coming out of the chapel in the second photo? I see a family resemblance. Speaking of bringing back memories, I photographed weddings for a local studio for 10 years in the 1980s and 1990s. Laurie’s mom hired a photographer for our wedding in 1982, but he only did the reception. Our daughter, growing up with artsy parents, one a photographer, didn’t want any photographs of her wedding or reception.

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    1. Oh I forgot to mention. The pastor who performed our ceremony, performed one of Laurie’s sister’s ceremony, and then 27 years later briefly came out of retirement to perform our daughter’s ceremony.

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    2. HI Tim, these are the first professional photographs I ever had taken other than a few school pictures. I think being a wedding photographer would be quite fun. That is my next sister down, Catherine, who was behind us. I meant to actually add that in the commentary. We are four girls. I wonder if your daughter will regret not having pictures of the reception later in life. It is so nice to be able to look back at the memories and see all your family and friends so young and carefree. I am a big picture take although I should find time for some lessons some time.

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      1. Photographing weddings had it’s moment, but it was never my favorite type of photography. It helped me get through college and make extra money for those years after I graduated. My daughter ended up divorced. When she got sick and couldn’t work for a long time, her husband divorced her. She was the main breadwinner, and he refused to step up and move up into a manager position, which he could have easily done. To this day he works at the same low-paying position, which he loves since he’s deen doing it for 17 years now. My daughter is doing well these days.

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  2. Your photos are fantastic Robbie. But I really love the first one and the last one. You have the perfect expression in the first photo when you are on your way outside. And I love the last picture – you two only have eyes for each other!

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  3. Oh my. We were so young! I went through our album not long ago and also took pictures of the pictures. Luckily, a few years after the wedding, our photographer gave us the negatives, so we could make new pictures if we were feeling super sentimental.

    I just love looking at all of us so young — and at so many people who were alive then and aren’t now! The guys had hair. Our skin was smooth. No one had white hair. I had lost my wedding album for years, then found it again exactly where I had looked a dozen times before. That keeps happening to me. But I was glad to get it back. We also had to have our wedding video redone as a DVD because the tape was disintegrating. We lost some of it, but managed to keep about 80% of it. If you have a video on tape, you should get it restored. Mylar tape isn’t very sturdy stuff.

    You were stunning and you two made a beautiful couple.

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    1. Hi Marilyn, it is wonderful that we have these photographs to look back on. All our friends and family were so young and full of energy. We have also lost family members in the intervening twenty year period. We didn’t have a video made. It wasn’t something I wanted at the time. I do love so of my wedding pictures and I do get them out from time to time.


  4. What a wonderful post, Robbie. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. You guys were a handsome couple and you were a beautiful bride. I think you opened the door to a wonderful future that day.

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  5. Hi Robbie, I gravitated to your post today as I begin my reading and I am glad I did. Beautiful, feel good, warms my heart…I can feel the love. You are exceptionally gorgeous and I can feel the happiness from your friends and family. The sunflowers are symbolic in our family. I ‘get it’ about the doors, also symbolic on many levels. The good entering our lives and also the passage of time and memories. I love this post! ❤️ Congratulations on 20 years! ❤️

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    1. Hi Danny, thank you. Your’s is the first comment I am reading today. It was a lovely magical day. The strangest thing was that I had no worries about my wedding day. Most brides seem to be frazzled with worry but I wasn’t at all.


  6. I am so glad that I was able to attend your wedding virtually today, Robbie. Your were the epitome of elegance and beauty. What I love most about photography is its ability to crystallize time, which allows us to return over and over again to the events that gave us the life we have today.

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  7. 🐭🐻🐿️🤪‼️🐹🐭❣️CONGRATULATIONS❣️🐭🐹‼️🤪🐿️🐕‍🦺🐭
    🐻🐭🐿️🐭🤪‼️🐹🐭❣️LOOKS LIKE A FANTASTIC WEDDING DAY.❣️🐭🐹‼️🤪🐭🐿️🐭🐕‍🦺

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  8. Robbie, What adorable pictures and the humble lovely way that you share them is part of what makes you so lovely. I love your expression as you come out of that first door. It became much less hesitant once you were with your love. Thanks for inviting us into your wedding memories.

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