Thursday Doors on Saturday – St Andrews, town and castle

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St Andrew’s is a town near Edinburgh in Scotland. The town is famous for the University of St Andrews and is known as the worldwide ‘home of golf’.

Here are a few pictures of the doors around St Andrews town:

St Andrews Castle

Wikepedia says:

The ruins of St Andrews Castle are situated on a cliff-top to the north of the town. The castle was first erected around 1200 as the residence, prison and fortress of the bishops of the diocese. Several reconstructions occurred in subsequent centuries, most notably due to damage incurred in the Wars of Scottish Independence.

The castle was occupied, besieged and stormed during The Rough Wooing and was severely damaged in the process.

The majority of the castle seen today dates to between 1549 and 1571. The work was commissioned by John Hamilton (archbishop of St Andrews) in a renaissance style which made the building a comfortable, palatial residence while still remaining well-fortified. After the Reformation, the castle passed to several owners, who could not maintain its structure and the building deteriorated into a ruin. The castle is now a scheduled monument administered by Historic Environment Scotland.

You can read more about St Andrews here:

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41 thoughts on “Thursday Doors on Saturday – St Andrews, town and castle

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and the history (however grisly) of th beginning of the Protestant church in Scotland, Robbie. I knew the town was home to golf, but the religious turmoil is new to me. You have given your sons a wonderful hands-on experience through your travel. I chuckle a bit at the fact that they both stand taller.

    I love the pictures. My favorite door is the blue double door that is not evenly divided. There’s something about that style door that i find interesting. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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    1. Hi Dan, that picture was two years ago and both my boys have grown. They are like giants now. I loved St Andrews and I have some more pictures to share. We also visited the remains of the Cathedral and the botanical gardens. I am never one to waste a visiting opportunity anywhere [smile].

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  2. I love that phrase The Rough Wooing. Scottish history is quite hard to understand, like most history it involved a lot of fighting! We loved our day out at St. Andrews a few years back, as Cyberspouse enjoyed golf we looked at the course, popped into the posh hotel for a loo visit and found a more humble place on the course to have coffee and just took in the ambience. It is a lovely town.

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    1. Hi Janet, St Andrews was my choice of activity day so we never visited the golf course. I actually would have gone there to look with Terence and the boys if he had said something, but I didn’t even know it was the home of golf. I knew it had a ruined castle and cathedral …

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    1. Hi LIz, I think he is improving as he is starting to eat a little and asked me to make him trifle today. He is still very weak and his breathing is still labored but apparently this is normal for his condition. Sister number 2 called in tears because sister number 4 told her she thought dad was dying. Dealing with the family anxieties is the most difficult thing.

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      1. We visited lots of castles when we lived in Spain. Alburquerque, España is where Albuquerque, NM, USA got it’s name. There is a really good castle in Alburquerque, España. When we were there, years ago, every room and passage in the castle was open for exploration with the exception for the dungeons. I really wanted to see the dungeons.

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        1. I also have a fascination with dungeons. I enjoyed visiting the dungeon prison at Edinburgh Castle and at Warwick Castle. We also visited the Edinburgh Underground Vaults and they were very creepy. I have not yet visited Spain. One day…

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    1. HI Diana, well worth the visit. Castles are so interesting. Many of the castles are ruined as a result of failed defenses of the castles by invaders. The castles are badly damaged and the ‘Lord’ killed so it is never rebuilt. That is what happened to Bungay Castle.

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