Thursday Doors – Roman lighthouse and Saxon Church at Dover Castle

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Last week, I shared some of my pictures of Dover Castle in Kent. This week I am sharing my pictures of the Roman lighthouse and the Saxon Church that are both built on the site of Dover Castle.

Roman lighthouse

The Roman lighthouse at Dover Castle is one of two such lighthouses in Dover and one of only three surviving Roman-era lighthouses in the world. This lighthouse is the tallest and most complete standing Roman structure in England and is claimed to be Britain’s oldest standing building. The lighthouse survived after being converted into a belltower for the adjacent church in the Saxon era when a new upper layer was added.

Saxon church – St Mary in Castro

St Mary in Castro or St Mary de Castro is a heavily restored originally Saxon structure which is built next to the Roman lighthouse which became its belltower.

There are records which indicate that this church was build by Eadbald of Kent in the 630s, but this is not a proven fact. The existence of a large, late-Saxon cemetery around the restored church does support this theory. The present Saxon church was built around AD1,000.

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38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Roman lighthouse and Saxon Church at Dover Castle

  1. Lovely to see some more of the history I grew up with. The names live on: the organisation for former pupils of my school is called the Old Pharosians. We’re proud of our place in history!

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  2. It is truly amazing to see a building survive, even though remodeled and restored, from the first century AD. So many buildings being built these days are given a life-expectancy of less than 100 years. Of course we have very few buildings in this country that go back as far as the 18th century. To even consider the first is mind boggling. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and the information.

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  3. Back in the 80s, my then-husband and I would travel around this great State of Michigan and venture into some of the oldest sections, These photos remind me of some of the nifty places we saw and how in awe we were of what life must have been like there, then. 🙂 BTW we did this whilst riding ten-speed bicycles over hill and dale.

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  4. Robbie – you always give me something exciting to research with every one of your posts. I read the signage that said that the church had a Baskerville Bible. I have never heard of this Bible before so I went scurrying over the internet to find out more information. This is what I found: “Throughout most of its history, the King James Version was protected by a royal privilege that allowed only the king’s printer or the official printers of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford to print its text. John Baskerville (1706–1775), the most meticulous and innovative of the eighteenth-century English typographers, became the printer to the University of Cambridge in 1758….”

    Thank you again for a brilliant post, Robbie.

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  5. Wow, Robbie. I am overwhelmed by the depth of history presented here. It makes me feel small in the grand scheme of things, but also thoroughly in awe of what has come before. What an awesome share!


  6. Wonderful trip down memory lane, Robbie I am sure these structures will still be standing when I am just a memory so well constructed back then and certainly built to last …Lovely post, Robbie 🙂 x

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  7. Hi, I meant to comment about this at the time, but clearly got distracted. This is very close to where I live! Such a lot of history in one little corner. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip here.
    I came back to this post via your current one about your recent hospital experiences. I do hope everyone in your family is well. It’s good to hear that vaccines are getting to everyone albeit slowly!

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