Carrot Ranch May 27 Flash fiction – Flies

I’ve tried to picture in my mind what 480,000 bodies would look like, but all I can visualize are hundreds of fat, black corpse flies feasting on them and, even worse, laying their eggs on them. I see the clusters of flies in the corners of their eyes and in their mouths, noses and ears, and the speckles of fly dust that mark their clothes. The buzzing of the flies fills my mind and I think of those poor dead men turning into a mass of maggots. My gorge rises and it’s all I can do not to vomit.

This is a short extract from my WIP, The Soldier and the Radium Girl. Thank you to Charli Mills for the inspiration. You can join in here:

35 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch May 27 Flash fiction – Flies

    1. Hi Liz, Jake is a young American recruit who has been sent to France after the USA’s entry into WW1. I imagine that when faced with the prospect of fighting, and knowing all the facts of the huge death rate in this war, a soldier would think about it from time to time.

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    1. HI Priscilla, thank you for your lovely comment. War is grim and I seem to have a passion for writing about it. I have a strong belief that people need to know what has happened, what is happening, and what could happen in the future.


    1. HI Anne, not for this particular book. This one is about the USA involvement in the war and a civilian girlfriend in America. I have recently published a book about the Second Anglo Boer War called A Ghost and HIs Gold and I intend to write a book about the Anglo Zulu war when I get my current three WIPs finished. So many ideas and not that much time.

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