Introducing Lunar Boogie, book 4 in The Hat Series by C.S. Boyack

Today, I am thrilled to have C.S. Boyack over for a visit to showcase the fourth book in his The Hat series, Lunar Boogie.

I have read the first two books in this terrific series and loved both of them. Craig Boyack has an extraordinary imagination and is exceptionally good at writing fantasy books.

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Over to Craig

Thanks for letting me borrow your space, Robbie. I’m touring my newest book, “Lunar Boogie” around the blogosphere. This one is book number four in The Hat Series.

Today’s topic is a bit unusual, but so is this series. Heroes go through a lot, and that has to take a toll eventually. Lunar Boogie is about the hunt for a werewolf. These creatures are tragic, because the human part of them is unaware of what goes on when the moon is full. Stopping a werewolf means killing a virtually innocent person.

This might be difficult for Lizzie St. Laurent. She’s been a trooper, fighting evil in humans and actual monsters, but the downside of this case is all too much for her. Toward the end of the story she loses it.

I’ll be honest, originally I ended it on a major bummer note. I wanted to explore the cost of being a hero, but it just didn’t wash. The Hat Series is dark comedy. The comedy part of that label doesn’t work with a harsh ending. Now I wonder if I could work ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ into their playlist in a future story.

I solved my problem by keeping the bummer part, but adding an extra chapter. Readers are going to meet Lizzie’s parents. I’m kind of proud of how they turned out. If you read between the lines, you might notice that Lizzie is a combination of both parents. Her dad is a dedicated, hard working fellow. Her mother is more of a free spirit. Star St. Laurent came out as a genuine Craig Boyack character. I hope readers will enjoy her.

I left Lizzie in California with her parents, but you know that can’t last. The series will go on, and that means she has to be reunited with the hat, and move back home to play with her band. We all wish her well in sorting out her problems, and hope she comes through the fire stronger than ever.


Lizzie and the hat are back in action, only this time they’re up against the most tragic monster of all, a werewolf.

This adventure is more like hunting an animal, and the werewolf is unlikely to come to any of their musical performances. This puts Lizzie out in the dark corners and wooded areas of the city. It may be more beneficial to get the monster to hunt Lizzie than to stalk him on his own turf. All she has to do is be quicker on the trigger than the wolf is on his feet.

At the same time, the police think they’re after a serial killer. Lizzie tries to keep them alive while also keeping them out of her way. As the body count rises, so do the pressures. It doesn’t help that people are blaming Lizzie and the hat for the killings. This involves an urban myth about them that the locals call Hellpox.

Pull on your boogie shoes and join the hunt. Designed as an afternoon read, this one is tons of supernatural fun.

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44 thoughts on “Introducing Lunar Boogie, book 4 in The Hat Series by C.S. Boyack

  1. Great to see Craig here today with Lunar Boogie, Robbie. This is my favorite entry in the Lizzie and the Hat series to date. I can vouch Lizzie’s parents are interesting, especially Star. And, Craig, I’m so glad you didn’t end this one where you originally intended. That extra chapter was perfect.

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  2. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:
    I’m visiting with Robbie Cheadle today. The topic is Lizzie’s breakdown at the end of Lunar Boogie. Being a hero takes a toll. Stop over and check it out.

    I’ve known Robbie for a long time. We’ve hosted each other’s book releases on multiple occasions. She’s a great author and a super supporter of the writing community. Check out her site and books while you’re there.

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  3. Glad you added the extra chapter. I got such a kick out of Lizzie’s mom. Just totally unexpected and fun. You nailed it with this book, Craig. One of your best. Thanks for hosting him, Robbie.

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  4. I Iike how you ended it, Craig. You are showing a new side to Lizzie, and I can’t to see where it goes next.

    Thanks for hosting, Robbie!

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  5. Wonderful spotlight, Robbie. Congratulations, Craig. I’m sure this one is another hit! I’m looking forward to the read. 🙂

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