A Ghost and his Gold – Roberta Eaton Cheadle -Book Tour – Day 3

bToday, author Jessica Bakkers has hosted my blog tour post for A Ghost and His Gold. Thank you, Jessica. This post includes a recipe for potjiekos, a traditional South African stew cooked in a three legged cast iron pot over an open fire. Jessica has short stories in Wings & Fire and Shadowland horror anthologies [compiled by Dan Alatorre] and her own book, Guns of Perdition, an excellent and unusual horror story.

Jessica Bakkers

I am lucky enough to bring to you, not only a new paranormal history book from Roberta Eaton Cheadle, but also a description of one of the historically accurate meals enjoyed by the folks in “A Ghost and his Gold”…something that sounds delicious, even if I can’t pronounce it! Enjoy and celebrate the tour with Roberta, and check out details below for a great give away offer!!

A Ghost and His Gold Give Away

Each stop on this five-day book blog tour will offer the opportunity to win a $10 Amazon gift voucher. (*Winners must be able to retrieve Amazon US gift vouchers.) Author Roberta  Eaton Cheadle will also give away 2 paperback copies of A Ghost and His Gold. All you have to do to enter is drop by each tour stop and leave a comment!

The origins of potjiekos and a recipe:

The Dutch hutspot came into existence…

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18 thoughts on “A Ghost and his Gold – Roberta Eaton Cheadle -Book Tour – Day 3

  1. This is a wonderful post. I had no idea to the origins of the Dutch hutspot. I am saving this post especially because I feel in love with this delicious meal when I visited Holland a few years ago. Every night we were in Holland, I ordered hutspot. You just made my day, Robbie and Jessica!

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