Thursday Doors – Haworth, Yorkshire

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My week was a bit better than the last six, but I had so much catching up to do with doctors and other appointments that I still didn’t make Thursday for this post.

Haworth in Yorkshire, England was home to the famous Bronte sisters. We visited the Bronte Museum in August 2019 and also explored the quaint village of Haworth.

A picture of the graveyard at Haworth
The high street in Haworth

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51 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Haworth, Yorkshire

    1. Hi LIz, thank you. I explored the graveyard on my own. My oldest son doesn’t like me photographing graves. The things it is disrespectful to the dead. I disagree. I think it celebrates a persons life and I will be proud if people photograph my grave [which I hope to have] after I die. I am careful about my pictures because they are rare and meaningful.

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  1. These are wonderful photos, Robbie. I like the doors, but I also like wandering through old graveyards, and I love the view from High St. with the rolling hills in the background. Maybe it’s just the sight of people, but that looks like a place I would enjoy walking around. Thanks for sharing this with Thursday Doors. I hope your weeks continue to get easier.

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  2. I loved my visit to Haworth as well. I just imagined the Bronte sisters walking the streets. I walked out on the moors covered in heather and expected Heathcliff to appear at any minute. Great pictures.

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  3. I LOVE your photos, Robbie for there are strong messages that come through. As I reviewed each of your photos (I agree with Liz Gauffreau on the graveyard/sunlight photo), the thought that came to me was: “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” Anaïs Nin

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    1. Hi Rebecca, I have a fascination with people and their lives and this fuels my love of history and historical places. Thank you for visiting. Visiting the Bronte Museum was something I always longed to do and I was very lucky to be able to make this visit when we did.

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      1. How very well said, Robbie. This reminds of the time when Thomas, my son, told me that we must visit the “Tolkien Tree” in Oxford. I wondered if we would be able to fit it into our travel schedule. Thank goodness we went for the next year, the tree was no more. I have heard that they have planned to replace it very much like in Tolkien’s LOTR Return of the King. I must look that up again!

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        1. It is a shame that the tree disappeared. I wonder if it died? The Brits don’t usually remove anything of historical or literary interest deliberately. I have not been to Oxford although Terence’s uncle worked there for a few years.

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    1. Oh yes, visiting the Bronte Museum was very important to me and we combined it with a visit to York and then went on to the Lake District. I love the Bronte’s and going to visit Haworth was one of my heart’s greatest desires.


  4. That looks like an interesting place to visit, Robbie. I enjoy the old graveyards, the history. And that bricked street looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos. I’m glad you had a better week and hope there are more of those ahead.

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